5 Reasons Why Musicians Still Need a Website in 2021

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5 Reasons Why Musicians Still Need a Website in 2021

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This guide will show you ways to create an efficient website to sell your music, and impress bookers and other industry professionals, whether you’re looking to enhance your current site or making a website for your music for the primary time.

Are websites still needed by musicians?
“It’s 2021, do I still need a website?” you might be thinking.

It’s still important for musicians to possess their own professional website, even in 2021. Famous artists like Taylor Swift, who made popular the song “All Too Well” have their own website.


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Here are 5 reasons why:

You own it

You own that tiny piece of the world wide web with a website. You’re essentially leasing that space from those companies with social media platforms. They’ll always disappear completely, if not change the principles or change the design.

Your fans and also the industry will always be ready to find you As long as you retain renewing your name.

To look professional is what causes you

That you’re serious about your career is what having your own website sends to your fans, media, bookers, and other industry professionals. A one-stop destination to search out everything they have is what also gives them.

The experience is in your control

You control the planning and branding, unlike with social media platforms. There aren’t any countless links trying to induce visitors to click away to a different website, sudden changes, and no ads or distractions.

Data that is valuable

Like anything that you just own and control, your website and email list offer you essential data. This data will make decisions on what merch to sell and allows you to book shows or tours. How your promotional efforts are paying off for your career is what It may offer you insight into.

You can sell to fans your music

Allowing you to sell music to your fans is also a benefit of having an internet site. An internet site can facilitate your further monetizing those releases if you are going to be releasing a replacement album or single, or you’ve got a discography of music.