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What’s the Difference Between Web Design and Print Design?

What’s the Difference Between Web Design and Print Design?

Many people may not know the difference between the web (digital) design and print (graphic) design. In fact, many may not even know there is a difference, to begin with.

And although both have many things in common, there are some key differences that distinguish them from one another.

  • The Nature of the Design: Dynamic vs Static

Print or graphic design is static content, which means that print design isn’t going to change once it’s complete.

Contrarily, web design content is –the vast majority of the time- dynamic and interactive. This means that it can be altered or completely changed at any time after it’s finished.

This difference means that print design is meant for simple watching or reading, whereas web design is supposed to be engaging.

That’s why reading a magazine’s print edition is a whole different experience from reading it on the magazine’s website. Even if the information and news are exactly the same.

The advantage that web design has in this area is that the user can easily navigate to other articles and stories or check out stories written by the same reporter by simply clicking internal links.

  • How the User Views the Content: Flexibility vs One-Size-Fits-All

Someone working on print design would know the size of the final print, the type of paper, and the equipment necessary to finish the print before they even start working.

Moreover, they certain specifications and full control over how the final page would look in term of line length, the placement of images and texts, and final colors.

On the other hand, a web designer must be more flexible in their design as this design may be presented on a small screen such as that of a smartphone’s or a big screen such as that of a TV’s.

Just like the designer themselves could be executing their work from variously-sized devices such as a Macbook or a Chromebook –you can check out the best rated Chromebook compatible printers in this link.

In other words, the fluid design has to be flexible enough to adapt to the user’s screen size and resolution and maximize the amount of content on the screen at any given time.

  • Getting Your Message Across to the User

In terms of print design, your viewer is usually unknown and random. This is because they might come across your content on a bulletin board, a poster, or in a brochure.

This is why a print designer has to be able to grab the viewer’s attention through the limited space they have on the paper.

On the other hand, a web designer’s content is usually sought and viewed with the user’s intention to view this specific content.

So instead of working on grabbing attention, the web designer should make their content look interesting, familiar, and user-friendly.

In other words, you want to bring your user to stay on the website. This is done through easily conveying to the user what they need to do and how to easily access what they’re seeking.

The space and number of pages are more or less unlimited for the web designer.

Most importantly, if you can provide the user with all they need in one place, they’re less likely to go to your competition.

  • Limitations of the platform

  • Connectivity

Print designers shouldn’t concern themselves with how the user is going to consume their work as all the information is in the hands of the user anyway.

However, for a web designer, there are some considerations. The most important of which is the fact that users are going to be viewing the content from different devices, browser, and connections.

For example, big photos or videos can slow down a website and will definitely consume a lot of a user’s mobile data plan.

  • Resolution

Like we’ve mentioned before, a print designer usually know everything about the final output before they start working on the project. This doesn’t exclude the resolution.

For example, if the project will be a high-resolution one, 1200 DPI (dots per inch) is usually used. On the other hand, 300-600 DPI is used for lower-resolution projects.

A web designer, however, must bear in mind the equipment their visitors are going to have.

Indeed, some modern high DPI displays can handle resolutions up to 300 DPI, however, most desktop displays can only handle 100 DPI.

That’s why intricately-detailed designs should be left for prints and avoided on web pages.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Fishing Videos?

How to Improve the Quality of Your Fishing Videos?

If you’re an avid angler, you know the frustration of getting an awesome catch without capturing the moment.

So if you’re looking to start keeping your fishing memories or enhancing your video skills to take better fishing videos, here are some tips that you can make use of for your next trip.

  • Depend on High-quality Cameras

Catching a fish is always a fast-paced action that you need a reliable camera to capture properly.

You want to go for a model that can handle 1080p at 60 frames per second.

That way, you can utilize the high quality for the slower parts of the video and 720p at 60 frames per second for the faster parts –like a jumping fish.

This is to avoid motion blur as the lower the resolution, the less motion blur there will be.

  • Cropping Out the Boring Parts

By the end of your fishing trip, you’re going to have so many hours of footage on your camera that you’ll need to look through.

The most important thing to remember is that many parts that you’ll see as impressive will only be entertaining to you.

Think of the last time you watched a fishing video and how you just fast-forwarded through almost half of it.

It can be annoying to keep moving back and forth through a video to get to the important or interesting parts –the parts that include the action.

So spare your viewers this task and only leave in the parts where you’re catching the fish, setting up the fishing place as you give important advice, and so on.

In other words, leave out the parts where you wait for the fish to catch the bait and the endless minutes of you struggling against it.

The general rule of thumb is that telling your story in the shortest time possible is the best way to do it.

  • Editing

Use editing to your advantage. Specifically, slowing down parts with interesting casts and reels.

You can also use burst mode –if your camera has it- to capture multiple still photos in order for you to pick the best one later on.

Adding some B-roll at the beginning can be a nice touch. This can include shots of your boat, spinning reel, or the area where you’re going to fish.

Moreover, don’t overuse special effects when it comes to transitions. Usually, a simple fade to black or cross dissolve (having the two videos fade into one another) is the best way to go.

Also, leave your sponsoring for the end of the video or add the equipment to the description instead of stuffing the beginning with it and driving away the viewer before they even know the content of the video.

  • Use Different Angles and Avoid Water Drops on the Lens

Using multiple angles to show the same shot is an amazing way to both extend your video and still keep it interesting.

Some underwater shots would also add a lot of value to the content.

Furthermore, always make sure your camera’s lens isn’t covered in droplets of water that absolutely ruin the video you’re trying to take.

  • Express Yourself in the Video

Completely muting your fishing footage or just drowning the audio out with music isn’t going to allow you to connect with the audience as much.

Adding in the audio where you give a good tip, share an interesting fact, or just talk about the excitement you have for your trip can add a lot of value to your video and click well with the viewer.

Modern technologies of Mass Communication

Communication is the basic need of every human being. The most significant advantage human beings have over animals is the power of communication. And when it comes to communicating your message to a large number of people, then we use the word Mass communication.

In ancient times several methods of mass communication were used like-TV, radio, newspapers, etc. The change in human lifestyle also changes the way of communication. Today we are witnessing several new technologies in the field of communication. The modern methods of communication are quite different from traditional methods. Today we can use several modern media channels to convey our message. Websites, videos, blogs all are the most sophisticated means of communication of modern times. The growth rate of the media industry is very high these days. New technologies are introduced every day.

Web designing

The internet is an ocean of websites. Websites are primarily a collection of WebPages that are used to convey a particular idea, promote a product, and sell a product or just diversified information on any specific topic. Today if we wanted to know anything about any product or service then we can visit the company website. The Websites provides complete information about any company.
The designing of a collection of web pages for a predefined purpose is called web designing. It is done using the programming languages like-java, PHP, and several others also. Web designing is a coding work based on programming codes, but it is full of creativity.

Often we saw several attractive graphics and images on the websites. This is the original part of web designing. The web designing is based on a set of rules, but the creativity of web developer and web designer is visible in the websites. Informative websites such as sports, news, economics, movies, etc. are quite helpful for all of us.


videos can be called as a universal medium of communication. The power of video communication is known to all of us very well. Both literate and illiterate peoples can understand the video message. The video is also independent of languages, as it can be dubbed in several languages as per the requirement of public.

The video information is easy to understand for all of us. The video provides audiovisual communication which occupies our two sensory organs –eyes and ears. Hence the power of video message is just double than visual or audio media. Similarly, the power of CBD oil for destressing is amazing.

Today you can find videos about anything you require from music, movies, yoga guide, cooking tips, java coding, fashion designing, interior designing or any other topic of your interest. If you are feeling stressed because of your routine life or any other reason, you can watch stress reducing videos. In such videos, you will get simple tips to reduce your stress and anxiety.


Written communication is the oldest and most reliable way of communication. Today you can read the books of those authors who had died several years ago. The beauty of written communication cannot be compared with any other means of communication. With the introduction of several new technologies like e-books and blogs the power of written communication is only increased. Don’t believe check out how many blocks or ebooks you read this month.

With the changes in human behaviour and global scenario, our means of communication are also changing. Today we use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, emailing, twitter, telegram and many more platforms for communication but the roots of all such media channels are deep in our culture of oral and written communication.

The Best Youtube Yoga Channels

Yoga classes are incredible and exciting, but for many people, they are too expensive to indulge regularly. In case of some others, there is certain anxiety attached to going to a group class and vulnerable in trying to contort yourself into uncomfortable poses. Moreover, let’s remember the horror attached to accidentally passing gas in class. To make sure you get the benefits of yoga without any of the added stress of social groups, you can always go to YouTube.

This website has tons of channels where yogis and experts, or even regular enthusiasts have started uploading videos to inform and instruct anyone interested. While this doesn’t always bring the perfect information to your screen every time, there are some outstanding options online. If you are a beginner or even if you just needed a little change to your routine, there is something for everyone online. Some channels genuinely stand out, and others cater primarily to a certain section of the population. In any case, we have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube Yoga channels to guide and inspire your practice.

Yoga Journal

Most of you must already be aware of the website and Yoga Journal magazine, as they are quite popular. However, did you know that they also have a Youtube channel of the same name? Usually, you’ll find that the easy instruction format of these videos attracts newcomers. This means that if you’re looking for the right guide to get started with Yoga, this channel might be the right pick for you. Sometimes you’ll find some instructional videos and even a few interviews of interesting people. This channel is the right mix of informational and interesting.

Strala at Home


Strala at Home is run by Tara Stiles who can be best described as a yoga teacher for everyone. The moves, asanas and poses she performs on her channel range from the simple and basic, to more challenging and advanced ones.  This Youtuber often brings along a guest instructor or two to keep things interesting. The main aim of this channel is to make yoga fun and exciting for everyone from newcomers and hobbyists to enthusiasts and regular practitioners. Most importantly, the instructions are easy enough to follow from the comfort of your home without the need for any extra equipment.

While you still must pay to download this instructor’s workouts (about $15 for each video), you can preview the available options on the channel to pick ones that are best for your needs, before you pay.

Yoga Online

We all know that yoga as a practice focuses on the connection and relationship between all aspects of your life – body, mind, exercise, diet, energy etc. In a rush to westernize this ancient Indian practice, the focus shifted to the purely physical and tangible effects of Yoga. This is why Yoga Online’s Youtube channel is such an incredible option for those who want to focus on the mind and body homeostasis that yoga can potentially deliver. This channel mix of male and female instructors ensures that you don’t get bored of the same thing over and over again.


PsycheTruth is probably one of the most active Youtube channels on this list, with a new video coming out almost every day. The channel’s roots are basically within Swedish massage techniques, but they have an entire section dedicated to yoga videos, uploaded with decent enough frequency. Most of their yoga videos and tutorials focus on a particular goal. The most common ones include their video on yoga for increased energy, yoga for menstrual cramps, yoga for working out abs, yoga for relaxation, and even yoga for toned arms.

We understand that performing something you saw on youtube may just not cut it for you if your goal is to perfect the art and master yoga for weight loss. In this scenario, read more on this home workout video option that claims to help you lose weight and achieve the booty of your dreams.

It’s Digital But Is It Art?

It’s Digital But Is It Art?

There’s no denying that “electronic art” is thriving. Digital Art can be original art generated totally electronically i.e. on a computer system without paints and also canvas or any other standard media, or a by hand repainted canvas that is scanned and then digitally improved in any one of a variety of software (e.g. Painter, Photoshop). Also, photos electronically improved with artistic effects drop under this broad term, as does fractal art, which is automatically produced with very little human input.

The tools required to produce electronic art have actually been around for years however have actually undertaken a transformation in the past 10 years as well as are now rich in attributes that enable electronic musicians to produce jobs that would have been formerly impossible. As well as these devices are improving constantly. Although it is rather ironic that the renovations to the bundles are commonly determined by exactly how life-like the results produced can be. As well as by how comparable the digital impact is to that developed with an actual paintbrush. The makers and supporters of electronic art devices could emphasize the different and unique impacts that they can develop, yet they, in fact, advertise the similarities to traditional media.

Yet digital artwork lack question creative, and they can be initial, expressive, intriguing, lovely. But there remains to be dispute and also controversy over whether “electronic art” is “genuine” art. Is the ability as well as the skill required to adjust an item of computer software application similar to true imaginative ability?

As well as should not art connect something to the visitor? Some types of digital art (such as fractals) are randomly created images. In this instance, if absolutely nothing is being connected after that exactly how can the job be identified as art?

It could, naturally, be argued that there is no difference to the laid-back visitor between 2 just as attractive images – one created generally as well as one created digitally. Yet art has always had to do with greater than a laid-back glance – it is about reaching the soul of the artist as well as recognizing the message behind the paint. Even with one of the most simple of standard abstract art, there are feelings and messages that the artist wishes to connect with the audience.
Another factor to think about is the extremely excellence of electronically generated job. Equally, as it has been revealed that one of the most enticing human faces have mild blemishes

Why Invest in Art?

Why Invest in Art?

When we invest in anything, we are attempting to optimize our return on that particular financial investment, given some level of appropriate danger. All financial investments include an equilibrium in between return and also threat. Investing in art is no various. We have to ask: “What is the expected price of return, and what are the risks?” Besides these criteria, art financial investment uses other investment advantages. So let’s take a look at these issues in art financial investment.

When we purchase anything, we are trying to optimize our return on that financial investment, offered some level of acceptable risk. All monetary investments entail an equilibrium between return and also risk. Investing in art is no different. We need to ask: “What is the anticipated rate of return, and also what are the threats?” Besides these criteria, art investment offers other investment benefits. So allow’s have a look at these problems in art investment.

Price of Return

Computing a price of return on art investment is tough. The trouble hinges on creating a performance index that properly shows the motion in the costs of art. Considering that we are worried about financial investment, I am considering just what I call investment quality art. This is the art that is used by the major auction residences such as Christie’s as well as Sotheby’s– not the art you could discover in a downtown gallery. Undoubtedly, this standard is not precise. There have been numerous indexes developed to gauge the changes in art costs. Among the most respected indexes of investment quality art is the Mei Moses All-Art Index. The index was established by 2 New york city University professors, and is typically quoted as the most reputable in defining art rate variations. This index suggests that art prices have actually almost matched the performance of supplies, which over some durations, the price of return on art has actually beaten the stock market. This would put the annualized rate of return somewhere close to 6%.

Other price quotes for rate development in art have not been so positive. Actually, some price quotes put the rate of return near zero. A study directed by Luc Renneboog at Netherlands, Tilburg University approximates that the rate of development from 1970 to 1997 to be about 4%. We can hypothesize that the long-lasting price of return for financial investment grade art is someplace between 2% as well as 6% with 4% possibly a relatively suitable price quote relying on the art package.

Safeguard Yourself When You Purchase Art

Safeguard Yourself When You Purchase Art

If you prepare to acquire art you require to be prepared before going into a physicals gallery or checking out an internet site online. Exactly how can you be a wise purchaser even if it is your first time buying art from anybody? You can take actions to shield yourself from shady personalities as well as misrepresented art by constantly getting all of the details you can regarding the piece of art, the artist, and the seller if the individual offering the art did not create it. Why should you take steps to protect on your own when you purchase art? Put simply getting art is a sort of investment, and you would beware making any other essential acquisition so it makes sense to do the exact same things when you acquire art.

Art is often stunning as well as inspiring, and also when you see the ideal art piece you could obtain caught up in the excitement and happiness you really feel as well as forget that not every little thing about art sales is as gorgeous as the art that is to buy. The fact is for every ten straightforward artists as well as sellers attempting to share art with the globe there is someone out there that is not interested in advertising the art for its own benefit however is just out to get you to purchase art for as much cash as feasible. You can make sure that you are safeguarding yourself from any unethical sellers as well as improve your art purchasing experience generally by knowing your stuff prior to you see any type of gallery whether physical or online. Share your eyes open as well as recognize what kind of art you are trying to find; ask to see all of the job by a certain musician if the gallery has more than one piece by the same individual, or go on the internet and also look for their name and see if you can find out more regarding them prior to you purchase. This will allow you to know what their jobs are selling for now as well as aid you get a good price. If you are worried about misstated art, take into consideration getting a certificate of credibility from a trusted resource and/or having actually the art evaluated by an independent celebration of your selection