CAD (Computer Aided Design) for Jewelry Design

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CAD (Computer Aided Design) for Jewelry Design

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) has established itself in recent years as a new and long-time indispensable tool for jewelry designers. CAS software is a great tool to create the simplest design to elaborate designs like Butterfly Necklace. The more professionals use the possibilities of this modern technology, the more convinced they are of its advantages. On the other hand, the software offered has developed significantly in recent years and takes the increasing requirements of users into account. In the meantime, modern CAD solutions offer the basis for incomparable, completely new working methods.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) for Jewelry Design

Globalization in the Jewelry Industry

The global division of labor cannot be stopped in the jewelry industry either: This is how the idea for a piece of jewelry that was manufactured in Pforzheim or Idar-Oberstein came about, perhaps in the imagination of a designer in New York. A creation produced in the Far East can just as easily be sold in London or Sydney as it is in Munich. But since delivery times are getting shorter and shorter in the age of globalization, increasing speed and flexibility is often the only way to successfully establish yourself in the jewelry market. The path to success leads directly to the use of modern working methods and tools such as e-mail, the Internet, and CAD.

3DESIGN is the name of the latest CAD solution from the French company and market leader VISION NUMERIC for the jewelry industry. The system was developed in JAVA, an environment that has made the company’s jewelry design software the most modern industry-specific solution for goldsmiths and designers in just a few years. Thanks to this modern programming language, 3DESIGN can be used on all common PCs with operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS, or LINUX.

CAD systems offer designers the opportunity to optimize time and costs by archiving individual development steps in a digital library and easily modifying them at any time using the associative technology (also known as “parametric technology”) used by 3DESIGN. This high-performance, cutting-edge technology from the automotive industry ultimately provides the flexibility that is absolutely necessary today.

The computer software gives the jewelry professional more time for the design so that he can let his creativity run free. All technical details of a model, as well as the linked construction method, are stored in the software and, thanks to the associative/parametric method, as used in the 3DESIGN software, every single construction step is also saved, so that details can be modified and changed afterward with just a few clicks of the mouse. This means that once a model has been developed, it can easily be changed a long time later and aligned with current trends or specific customer requirements.

To illustrate the drastic changes in working methods, one should recall the days of yore when every detail of the design was painstakingly drawn up on paper and in cardboard and carefully kept in the locker. With the help of modern industry software, hand sketches can also be used for 3D modeling, because programs such as 3DESIGN make it possible to scan in-drawn sketches and use them very easily as a template for a new design.