In our modern day life, being an artist can pay off really well if you know how to use technology and the internet in your favor. If you do that well, you can expand your revenue streams and monetize your art.

Prepare your workspace, get your equipment ready, maybe grab one of your favorite comfort food for an energy boost, and let’s dive into the methods.

1. Selling Prints

You can use your creativity and design skills to make print-on-demand things.
You don’t always have to sell high-quality prints of an artwork, and that’s how you open doors for a variety of people and expand your target audience.

You can sell those prints directly on your own or use an online service.

2. Creating an Online Course

If you have a lot of knowledge on the subject of creating art and you have a capacity for teaching.

These days, people always seek to learn from the internet.

If you’re a crafter, photographer, graphic designer, or painter, you’re definitely going to find a lot of demand for your knowledge if you prove that you’re skilled with the things you share.

This suggestion could actually turn into a full-time job by launching paid membership services and private tutorials.

3. Conduct Workshops

If your teaching skills are stronger yet, then you can plan a full course or teach students in-person.

The best way to do that is through conducting workshops.

This is especially popular among photographers and can be a great way to increase your income.

You can profit from this by running destination workshops where you gather a group of people and shape the trip around a certain theme that can help you share your tips.

If you’re a street artist, you can do a workshop where you teach people how to use spray paint and cut stencils.

Whatever it is your niche of experience, you can find a creative way of getting your knowledge across to other people.

4. Try selling your art through stock agencies

You can earn good money by simply selling your art to a stock agency.

Getty Images allows you to share your photography, music, or videos while Shutterstock is great for sharing your illustrations and vector graphics.

5. Start a blog or YouTube Channel

These two ways are great ways of sharing your skills and gaining clients, and they’re becoming increasingly popular.

Through a thoughtful blog or an interesting YouTube video, you can gain a lot of advertising and affiliate commissions that help you increase your income.

You can even use them to advertise other methods like your workshops or your Instagram account.

6. Building up an Instagram Account

If you’re social media savvy, building up a popular Instagram account will surely get you connected with brands that will sponsor your content.

By linking up with hotels, airline, and travel boards that want to bring attention to their services, you can use your photography skills to showcase the adventures you go on during your travels.

You can also collaborate with various companies to share the results of your art supplies or your beauty products.

To get your Instagram more traffic, make sure to always post high-quality images that capture the essence of the beauty of your work, product, or service.

Use the same style in terms of aesthetics and writing to achieve the goal of branding. This includes using a specific filter, language, or even hashtag.

Speaking of hashtags, always think of everything someone might search when they’re looking up anything related to your kind of work.

Hashtags are basically landmarks to your post and that’s how people will discover your account.

Keep your feed active by posting regularly and make sure your bio expresses what you do and what you represent.

Final thoughts, the more traffic you get online, the more interested buyers you’ll find, and the more money you’re bound to make.

Following these steps can help you reach out to more people and profiting from networks.