Communication is the basic need of every human being. The most significant advantage human beings have over animals is the power of communication. And when it comes to communicating your message to a large number of people, then we use the word Mass communication.

In ancient times several methods of mass communication were used like-TV, radio, newspapers, etc. The change in human lifestyle also changes the way of communication. Today we are witnessing several new technologies in the field of communication. The modern methods of communication are quite different from traditional methods. Today we can use several modern media channels to convey our message. Websites, videos, blogs all are the most sophisticated means of communication of modern times. The growth rate of the media industry is very high these days. New technologies are introduced every day.

Web designing

The internet is an ocean of websites. Websites are primarily a collection of WebPages that are used to convey a particular idea, promote a product, and sell a product or just diversified information on any specific topic. Today if we wanted to know anything about any product or service then we can visit the company website. The Websites provides complete information about any company.
The designing of a collection of web pages for a predefined purpose is called web designing. It is done using the programming languages like-java, PHP, and several others also. Web designing is a coding work based on programming codes, but it is full of creativity.

Often we saw several attractive graphics and images on the websites. This is the original part of web designing. The web designing is based on a set of rules, but the creativity of web developer and web designer is visible in the websites. Informative websites such as sports, news, economics, movies, etc. are quite helpful for all of us.


videos can be called as a universal medium of communication. The power of video communication is known to all of us very well. Both literate and illiterate peoples can understand the video message. The video is also independent of languages, as it can be dubbed in several languages as per the requirement of public.

The video information is easy to understand for all of us. The video provides audiovisual communication which occupies our two sensory organs –eyes and ears. Hence the power of video message is just double than visual or audio media. Similarly, the power of CBD oil for destressing is amazing.

Today you can find videos about anything you require from music, movies, yoga guide, cooking tips, java coding, fashion designing, interior designing or any other topic of your interest. If you are feeling stressed because of your routine life or any other reason, you can watch stress reducing videos. In such videos, you will get simple tips to reduce your stress and anxiety.


Written communication is the oldest and most reliable way of communication. Today you can read the books of those authors who had died several years ago. The beauty of written communication cannot be compared with any other means of communication. With the introduction of several new technologies like e-books and blogs the power of written communication is only increased. Don’t believe check out how many blocks or ebooks you read this month.

With the changes in human behaviour and global scenario, our means of communication are also changing. Today we use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, emailing, twitter, telegram and many more platforms for communication but the roots of all such media channels are deep in our culture of oral and written communication.