Rules for excellent web design

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Rules for excellent web design

When designing or redesigning a website, it’s easy to get bogged down with aesthetics.

However, if you really want to achieve something on a website such as then you need to be concerned with more than just the look of the website.

Web design rules for an outstanding user experience


Your visitors don’t come to your page to rate how awesome your design is. From a user experience perspective and usability, simplicity is your best friend.

Visual hierarchy

It’s about arranging and organizing website elements in a way that naturally directs visitors to the most important elements.

Remember, the goal of optimizing the usability and user experience is to get visitors to do a particular activity in a way that feels natural and comfortable to them.

Easy navigation

Intuitive navigation of your website will help your visitors quickly find what they are looking for. Ideally, visitors should arrive on your page and not have to think about where to click next. Moving from A to B on your side should be easy.


Not only your navigation should be consistent, but the entire appearance should be consistent across the individual pages. The backgrounds, color schemes, fonts and also the style in your texts are aspects where a uniform design has a positive effect on usability and the user experience.


In a general sense, this means investing in a highly flexible website structure like responsive design. In the case of a website with a responsive design, the content and its format are automatically adapted to the size of the device that a visitor is using.


There are certain web design conventions that have become known to most internet users over the years.

To give your visitors the best possible experience on your site, stick to the experiences that your visitors already know. This is a real advantage.


If you want to create a page that offers your visitors the best possible user experience, then credibility should not be neglected.

One of the best ways you can improve your site’s credibility is with honesty. Describe your product or service honestly and clearly.

Focus on the user

The bottom line is that ease of use and the user experience rely on user preferences.

In improving your website, it’s even more important to run tests, get feedback, and make changes based on these rules.