What methods do you use to raise website trust?

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What methods do you use to raise website trust?

Don’t visitors trust the security, sincerity and professionalism of your website? They’re going to go to other places quickly. A high bounce rate and a low conversion rate may indicate a lack of confidence among visitors. 

What methods do you use to raise website trust?

Social trust
Sometimes we copy the behavior of others, usually unconsciously. This is made clear once again in the researcher’s experiment. This researcher placed a man at a busy intersection, looking at a specific point in the sky. Approximately 20% of the passers-by looked up. When the researcher placed a few people at the intersection, the response increased to 80%.

We see a different kind of social trust in user testimonials and customer ratings. Positive reviews boost confidence in the brand. Also very powerful is the mention of popular brands that are customers or use a product. With so many world famous brands, confidence in the quality of their product is increasing.

A similar technique can increase trust in websites. Several sites show the number of social shares and / or comments at the top of an article. This can prompt visitors to read the article. Because with so many shares, the article must be good. This is a form of online herd behavior.

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Professional appearance
Someone once said, “You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression.”. The look of a website may inspire confidence or drive a visitor away. Research has shown that visitors need only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion upon looking in the website. Therefore, your potential customers may be gone before they read your offer.

Good web design depends on two things: visitor expectations and visual complexity.

You probably think of an iPad-shaped device when you hear the word ‘tablet.’ That form is inextricably linked to the word. We’re expecting a tablet to look like this. This is known as “prototyping.”

Safety creates trust. There are security of the data. First of all, there are badges from, for example, Verisign or Norton. Each country also has a number of local labels, which must be trusted by the visitor. In addition, some retailers are using the ‘Official Dealer’ badge.

Real people
Enter any store, and you’ll see who’s running the business right away. This personal contact gives rise to trust. We often miss an element with online shops.

There are, however, several ways to make a web shop ‘more personal.’ This can be done, first and foremost, by clearly displaying the contact details. That creates trust, because it’s a sign that you don’t have anything to hide like ‘seo malaysia’ you can trust them for making your revenue increase by outranking your competitors.