Designing Your Very Own Gaming Website

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Designing Your Very Own Gaming Website

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Video games are among the most well-known hobbies around the globe. In the USA, over 164 million adults play video games. On a world scale, gaming attained approximately 2.4 billion individuals. And developing a gaming site is now a frequent sight.

Many big scale clans or guilds wind up constructing their clan gaming site. This is a site meant for the members of their clan in stats may be monitored, and memes can be shared.

Now, I’ll teach you the fundamentals of producing a gaming site on your clan or guild in WordPress.

Everything you’ll have to create a clan site

Before each boss, you want to get well prepared. Have the gear, craft the potions, and consume the meals. And building a site is similar. You’ll require a couple of things before you start, otherwise, you’re likely to observe that dreaded, “game over” screen.

A Clan/Guild/Free Company

This one probably does not have to be mentioned, but let us do this anyhow. You will need to have just one if you would like to construct a web site that’s to your clan. Before anybody joins assembling a clan site is similar to picking a home before you’re accepted for financing. It does not work.

One time a clan has its core members, then it could form around the actions it will and will probably be sculpted by that gaming culture. The colors that you use are shaped by accomplishments and your experiences you create.

Select the games

In earlier times it was normal to get a clan to concentrate on a single match. 2020 differs. There are far more choices in regards to games, which has resulted in players dispersing their period. Such a game is Roblox, and one gaming website is

Your site should reflect every game and by a growth perspective, you have to know that matches your clan has a presence in.


Discord is hands down the hottest communication tool for players on earth. It’s just natural that discord is created by you and have it current.

How to construct a clan site

If this is the first time creating a web site, you might think just a professional can construct something amazing. But that isn’t correct. Provided that you select the ideal platform to construct it your site will appear equally as great. Plus it will not even take that much time to make.

Select a web hosting company & domain name

Before you may start crafting your site, you require a hosting firm and a domain name. There are a whole lot of and they aren’t made equal. You have to be certain to select one that’s very affordable, scalable, and dependable.

In addition to this, you have to select a domain name. Oftentimes, you will select This makes it effortless for members to locate your website. You might look at placing the match your clan concentrates on playing at the domain. This can allow you to attract more individuals.

Why WordPress is your finest CMS for you

All that is left is to choose what stage you will construct your web site on. There are lots of on the market, but none are as popular since the WordPress CMS. That’s because WordPress is customizable and requires no programming at all if you would like 22, even though you can code.
Rather, all you have to do is choose a theme and pick some plugins and you are all set to begin.

The ideal gaming themes

A motif is what determines how your site looks in WordPress. Each motif can be personalized to a degree. Including altering fonts and colors. Below are a few of the greatest gaming motifs WordPress has to offer but be certain that you have yourself to a look at the WordPress theme directory.

There are thousands to select from, which means you could find something that you like better inside the repository.


Lopper is a motif that provides a very simple layout that’s ideal for displaying new occasions. This may be competition gaming events or an upgrade on the clan status. The plan focuses on the colors you pick, which is ideal for displaying your clan colors.

Adventure Lite

Adventure lite is an attractive motif that’s ideal for a clan. It’s also ideal for esports though its intended use is for athletic activities like hiking, biking, and much more. The design components fit precisely what a clan site would require.

Gaming Mag

Gaming mag is your kid motif of news vibrant, but with a focus on gaming. This is a subject if you hope to write a great deal of clan or website news articles to select. It is customizable and you can add it through plugins and lots of attributes. It’s not hard to use and looks great while doing this.


Deejay is a reactive motif that concentrates on occasion preparation. This makes it a fantastic choice. This is for parties, raid days, contests, and other kinds of events you produce. Plus it looks good while doing this.

Event planners

Event planners, as its name suggests, is all about planning events. Again, a portion of clan sites is currently hosting gaming sessions, events, along with clan actions. Using can help you go a very long way.

5 plugins that will help you begin

WordPress plugins are like programs for your smartphone. They include features and they will not need any coding. Below are a few of the ones which can allow you to build a clan site.

Contact form 7

You’re likely to want a means to collect data from the potential clan members. This is sometimes tournament or occasion sign-ups program types, feedback surveys, and much more. Contact type 7 is a plugin that lets you create amazing contact kinds. Making it an excellent choice for practically any kind of web site.


Would you like to produce your site feel gamey? You can with the Gamipress plugin. It permits website activities to turn for your clan members to challenges and accomplishments to make. Some may post more.

Gamipress also includes a plethora of premium add-ons such as leaderboards or BuddyPress integration.


Talking of BuddyPress, that’s also a fantastic addition to any site that wishes to make a social encounter. And would not you know it, that’s a portion of the clan encounter. This plugin makes it simple for members to form classes or to be part of clans. Buddypress can assist you to do it if you’d like your clan to feel like networking.

Advanced steam widget

The advanced steam widget plugin is a superb addition to your site. If you’re the clan leader, supplying your steam account information, i.e your title, and what exactly it is that you’re playing is a very wonderful touch. Just keep in mind that the steam solitude changes ask that you turn your account information to “people “ or the plugin won’t work.

As an alternative, you may use another plugin to exhibit your PSN accounts or your Xbox gamer label.

Locate game APIs

I now know, I stated WordPress plugins, but not having access to real game info is a huge mistake! Many games have a lot of data and API tools prepared for you to utilize. For showing a personality, seeing accomplishments, viewing more, plus stats, this is. Sometimes, the programmers provide this information.

A huge illustration of this is the league of legends programmers, riot games. It is possible to get access right.

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The way to motivate your clan

A web site is simply not sufficient in 2020. You have to have the ability to attain your intended market. In cases like this, it can be somewhat easier since you know just what your clan is considering.


I said it once and I will state it again, discord has become the most popular method to convey in gaming communities. Because it makes it simple for clan members to communicate with each other and team up, oftentimes, discord has replaced clan sites. Your clan is doomed in 2020 if you do not possess a discord.


Among the greatest ways to engage your audience is in-game. Ensuring your site is a source to clanmates can let you get a quantity of traffic. Matches using clan support have strategies.

Live stream

Gamers love watching live flows, particularly if its someone they know. Joining your site using youtube or twitch to make it simple for clam members to locate your flows is a fantastic way.


While this is extremely like dwell streaming, video content is common in general. In reality, two out of 5 of the youtube stations are focused on gaming. It should go without saying that using a youtube that is committed station to your clan is a major thing.


Reddit is the 7th most popular site on the planet and the 7th hottest subreddit is gaming. Coincidence? I believe not. Reddit is becoming significant, and it is used by programmers as a stage. Creating may be a benefit.

What can you do with a clan site

Schedule occasions

While a lot of men and women rely on discord to arrange gaming events, a site is just as powerful. By way of instance, some games need a good deal of players to perform a particular item of content. This is not. Rather, you should assign a date and time. Your site is the best spot to get this done.

Produce clan leaderboards

Some games just provide you with the simplest tools when making a clan. And the clans may aggravate. You may use your gaming site to make clan leaderboards. Games have APIs available that permit you to collect data directly. Can you use this to make leaderboards, but you may create challenges.

Supply clan information

When you’ve ever run your clan, you certainly know there is insufficient room to properly explain your clan and what principles your members will need to follow. A site is the spot to thoroughly detail should they want to stay apart, the principles your members have to follow.

Make your clan proud

Most players understand the value of looks, which is precisely why we dress our personalities at the many bad-ass outfits accessible. Your gaming site is different. Make certain it’s something that players wish to be part of.