Generating Passive Income Through Web Designing

Web Designing

Generating Passive Income Through Web Designing

Aside from Hosting there are other ways you can earn passive income through your web designs. You can always resell your web hosting services on behalf of another web hosting company. This will get you a smaller piece of the pie but will definitely be more hands off. Just be sure to partner off with a web host that will give you a share from the monthly residual income rather than just the upfront referral that other companies offer. Remember, we are going after that monthly passive income. Reselling web hosting is the only one that is 100% passive.

Here’s how you can make passive income by reselling website hosting:

  • Sign up as an affiliate with a quality, reliable hosting service that your clients will love.
  • Make sure that they offer ongoing residual income with each referral you send them.
  • Refer your clients to one of these hosts when the website is ready to be published.
  • Enjoy your truly 100% passive income.

Another way is Lease dedicated servers or completely manage website hosting. If you are that type who is techy and who knows their way around a server app, this can be the best option for you. Leasing a dedicated server will be much costlier initially as you’ll be taking the responsibility of managing a whole server by yourself at a flat monthly rate. But, as you require more hosting customers over time, your profit margins will dramatically increase because you do not have to pay extra to host each additional site. You will also be able to provide a higher hosting service since your server is 100% dedicated to your clients only. You do not have to split any of its resources to other websites not owned and managed by you.