Moving on as a Freelance DJ for Virtual Clubs and Zoom Parties

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Moving on as a Freelance DJ for Virtual Clubs and Zoom Parties

Now more than ever, it’s important for professional deejays to have a portfolio website when moving on as freelance music providers for virtual clubs and Zoom parties.


After all, nightclubs and bars will not reopen soon in the U.S. since several states continue to surpass the more than 50,000 numbers of new infection cases on a daily basis. Concerts and music festivals are definitely out as entertainment scenes, leaving freelance deejays with fewer commercial opportunities that demand for hard-to-resist dance music in livening up a scene.

Still, deejays do not have to limit their sources of income by way of gigs, as fans would be interested to buy digital copies of playlists. Some others would be interested in taking lessons on how to use controllers and scratch records professionally.

Streaming Music Videos Won’t Be Enough

Streaming music videos at YouTube and Twitch are great ways to demonstrate abilities in keeping party scenes lively and energetic. However, these platforms cannot fully provide the functions and features that a website can provide. Aside from serving as a hub in which to promote samples of playlist, link videos, post photos, and show reviews of satisfied customers, a website designed especially for deejays can also furnish booking tools, and even support ecommerce engagements when selling or distributing digital downloads.

Choosing a web builder and the most suitable web design is a critical aspect to consider when embarking on a mission to build a website. If one is just starting out a career as a provider of live music entertainment, there are several website building platforms with free offers; albeit with limited features. The important thing when choosing from these free offers, is that a web builder’s selection of paid-for plans include web designs that have features and functions that will support a professional deejay’s thriving career and ecommerce undertakings as well.

Features that Make a Web Design Suitable for Deejays

An important feature of an easy-to-use website builder are the selections of web designs offered. These are presented as themed, attractive prebuilt pages that can be installed with just a single click. Moreover, the web designs are often customizable via drag and drop actions, allowing a user to modify the layout, header, and menu as well as change color palettes with ease.

One thing to remember when deciding on a web design is that the user-friendly aspect here must also keep the target audience in mind. A DJ website should not only look sleek but must also be able to provide smooth navigation experience to visitors. Keep in mind that people who will be searching the World Wide Web for a DJ, will make initial judgment of a deejay’s personality based on his or her portfolio website.

As a deejay, one is supposed to be organized, creative and most important of all, intuitive, on what the audience wants to see and hear. Now that socializing and entertainment scenes have gone virtual via video conferencing, a deejay plays a significant role in making virtual attendees stay and enjoy a virtual party experience

If you are an amateur deejay, make sure your web design will not show signs that you are still in that experimental and trying-out stage. In addition, choose a web design that will not demand much of your time, and leave you with very little time to spend on selecting tracks and in building playlist mix-sets.

Through this guest post, we at Team 9, also promote the concept of maintaining a portfolio website. However, aspiring deejays should not be drawn away from hours of practicing techniques in using turntables and controllers for applying echo, reverb and volume dynamics. As an aside, we give advice to newbies that the best way to search for info on beginner-friendly controllers, is by filtering a search using this set of keywords: [phrase incl. top beginner friendly controllers].