Simplicity In Web Design – Do You Have To Follow This Trend?

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Simplicity In Web Design – Do You Have To Follow This Trend?

Simplicity, or simplicity, has been a clear trend in web and mobile design for a number of years. Starting with Microsoft’s Metro-style, the minimalism and functionality of Google, Apple has now embraced this design style with iOS7. In this article, let’s take a look at simplicity in design.

The Importance Of Simplicity In Web Design

Less is more

Although it has certainly taken off in recent years, particularly in web and mobile design, simplicity and minimalism have always been important movements in (graphic) design. For example, the ‘Swiss Style’ from the 1950s is a great source of inspiration for many current designers. Instead of a trend, it is better to speak of a wave movement that comes up every so often.

To consider simplicity as just a “design trend” would, therefore, be too short. The pursuit of simplicity is not just about the outside but is above all a design philosophy and approach that results in the final design.

The power of simplicity

In a world that is becoming more and more complex and where options are increasing day by day, it is not surprising that we are increasingly looking for user experiences that are simple.

Simplicity helps with the selections by significantly reducing the number of choices. Simplicity provides clarity instead of confusion. Simplicity gives confidence through transparency and openness. And simplicity pays off; look at the success of Netflix or Spotify with their “simple” business model, at Nest that gave the thermostat a whole new experience and of course at Apple where “simplicity” is in the DNA.

Consumers are willing to pay (more) for simpler user experience. For example, the simplicity and ease with which you can buy music from the iTunes store for a (small) fee, or stream it at Spotify for a fixed amount per month, has meant that illegal music downloads have decreased.

It is the paradox of simplicity that it is not easy to realize. It requires a clear position, self-confidence and thorough knowledge of the user of your website or app. You have to dare to make choices.