The Impact of Color in Your Web Design

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The Impact of Color in Your Web Design

You may never realize but color plays a huge role in your web designs branding and appearance. Colors evoke emotions and moods of people. According to the author Satyendra Singh, “People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with websites or products, about 62-90% of the assessment is based on color alone.” This is why color plays a huge role in your online appearance. From the color you choose for your headline text, or the color you pick for your background, this color scheme will set the mood for your website and ultimately your brand.

How do you know which colors are the right one? Finding the right colors for your brand is not hard. Ask yourself, what does your brand represent? What emotions or feelings do you associate with your brand? Now, associate these feelings with their appropriate color.

·         Red is as extremely stimulating color. Around the world, red is known to be the color of energy. It will attract the most attention. It often represents important notices. Many use red as an accent color. It makes a headline more noticeable. It’s a great way to grab the viewers’ attention in your website.

·         Orange is a warm and vibrant color. It is considered to be energizing and at the same time welcoming. Orange can create a warm and welcoming feeling for your customers. Orange often radiates happiness. Before choosing orange make sure which emotions you are going for as different shades of orange would represent different feelings. Bright orange is welcoming and friendly. Dark orange can show antiqueness or a vintage feel.

·         Yellow is an extremely versatile color depending on which shade you use. Bright yellow glow with enthusiasm and optimism. Bright yellow will immerse your brand with energy. Dark yellow such as gold It often represents antiquity and age. This dark shades often relates to time and wisdom.

·         Green gives so many different emotions. One emotion that it gives of is the feeling of growth. It gives a sense of renewal and restores exhausted energy. This is great to use if you’re looking for an environmental or healthy theme as it balances emotion and inspires compassion. Green also represents stability and endurance.

·         The color blue is usually associated with relaxing emotions. It is also associated with strength, reliability and openness. Blue emits a feeling of loyalty and inner security which is why you may see security and technology information businesses use this color. Social media giants such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all utilize the color blue in their networks.