When Building A Website, Consider Web Design And Link Building

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When Building A Website, Consider Web Design And Link Building

When it comes to constructing a new website, it is preferable to have a link-building strategy in place nevertheless, most novice designers are more concerned with the site’s visual appeal. Apart from outstanding advertising, optimizing your website for major search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Yandex is the best way for people to find it. If you need assistance or want to improve your website’s link building service from outreachmonks is the best place to go.

What can web designers do for a good  SEO link building


Web designers may believe that SEO is not their concern. They simply want to construct a stunning website and move on. This is a nice notion, but that is not always the case, especially when designing a site that has to rank well in search engines. There are several things that designers may do to assist optimize pages. Keep in mind that we’re talking about on-site SEO or anything you can do to affect a website’s rating. The better your on-site SEO, the easier it is for search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and Yandex to scan and index your pages in order to assess their relevance for a specific search

Plan accordingly


SEO must be taken into account at the beginning of the creative process. Once you know what you are designing for, who, and what the purpose of a website is for, you must, as a web designer, create an understandable one.

Please do not create a Splash page!


It doesn’t matter if the client really wants the Splash Page or you just think it’s a creative idea. Not only is this a super old technique, but it won’t help your SEO either, especially if it’s just one of those Splash graphics pages and a click here button. Typically, search engines crawl and find most of the information they need on your home page. Please don’t be that website that is just ignored.


Design for text

As web designers, we want everything to look good. We want everything to be meaningful and aesthetic. Sometimes, for these reasons, we render too many elements on our website graphical. For example, we want to create a unique menu with a decorative font and an obscure shape behind each link. Most of the time what we’ll do is create a graphic and just use the map image instead of encoding it. What other designers do is create graphics for titles or headers.


Blow out the dynamics

Before you even start designing a website, you should think about how you will implement its features. If you rely too much on technology like Flash or Ajax, then you should reconsider your position. The problem here is that the amount of support that search engines have for HTML is not as great as what is available for more dynamic content. Don’t create a menu based on Flash or graphics, just make it text-based. But feel free to use Flash or Ajax animations elsewhere on the site if you really need to.