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Web Designing

Though ideally first in the actual website creation process, is the critical matter of the site’s content itself. Anyone who uses the title “web designer” needs to be aware that everything we do supports the process of getting the content, message, or functionality to our users. Furthermore, good writing can help the user interfaces we create be more effective. Of course, someone needs to create the content and maintain it—don’t underestimate the resources required to do this successfully.


In addition, I want to call your attention to two content-related specialists on the modern web development team: the Content Strategist and Information Architect (IA). When the content isn’t written right, the site can’t be fully effective. A Content Strategist makes sure that every bit of text on a site, from long explanatory text down to the labels on buttons, supports the brand identity and marketing goals of the company.


Content strategy may also extend to data modeling and content management on a large and ongoing scale, such as planning for content reuse and update schedules. An Information Architect (also called an Information Designer) organizes the content logically and for ease of findability. She may be responsible for search functionality, site diagrams, and how the content and data is organized on the server. Information architecture is inevitably entwined with UX and UI design, and it is not uncommon for a single person or team to perform all roles.