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Web Design Fundamental and Basics

This Presentation is an introduction to web design with fundamentals and basics for newbies and beginners.

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Web Design Lessons We Can Learn From Video Games

Web Development


When I’m not developing websites, I can usually be found before my computer or game console. You would possibly think that one has nothing to try to do with the opposite, but I’ve got actually learned plenty of valuable lessons about website development from playing video games. Allow me to explain.

User Experience

The best interface is that the one nobody knows they’re using. In gaming, the interface is often a keyboard or a controller. If you’re not a gamer, you may think it might be hard to understand which buttons you’re pressing which you’d keep looking down, but that’s not the case. Video games actually help people develop great hand-eye coordination. Consider it this fashion – when’s the last time you ever had to appear at your mouse before you left or right-clicked something?

When Sony or Microsoft create a controller for a console, they are going through several revisions and studies before they choose a design.

For example:

  • Can the user access all the buttons when holding the controller?
  • What if they need small hands?
  • What if they ate too many chips and therefore the controller is slipping out of their hands? (I know, let’s add rubber grips!)

With web development, the identical care and research should get in developing the right interface. Websites shouldn’t just look pretty. They also must be easy to use so users keep coming. This can be achieved by developing your website in a very way that doesn’t require users to think. It should be intuitive, like employing a controller or a mouse.


Another thing I really like about video games is that I can play them on nearly any device I would like. Within the past each console had an exclusive list of games, meaning gamers had to buy an entirely new console for sure games. While exclusivity still exists for a few titles, most new games are available on multiple devices. For instance, a game that I’ve been playing lately, Genshin Impact, is obtainable on PlayStation and PC, so gamers can choose how they need to play. By the way, visit to get your free Genshin Impact codes.

How does this relate to web development? Well, users want to be ready to access content from any device they require – desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and even consoles. Each device presents its own set of limitations and users expect your website to deliver an excellent experience regardless.

BUT responsive design is over just mobile-friendliness.

What about larger screens? 4k televisions are growing in popularity and nearly all of them include web capability out of the box. To not mention that computer monitors have continued to urge larger over the years. If a screen is 1920 pixels wide and your website is merely 1200 pixels wide, what about the opposite 720 pixels?

Disregarding larger screen sizes is like advertising on an advert but using only half the space.

In the gaming world, everything uses the complete screen – there aren’t black or white bars on the side. Genshin Impact, specifically, has an incredible interface that uses the whole screen to supply gamers with all of the data and capabilities they may want.


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User Engagement and Community

Lastly, strikingly just like brands within the digital age, the most important consider whether or not a computer game is successful is player engagement and community. A part of this involves giving gamers the flexibility to play games in several ways to fulfill different goals. Again using Genshin Impact as an example, this game provides the main story that users can play alone or with others. Once players complete this story, they will like better to participate in player-versus-player battles or complete missions solo or with a celebration. There are such a large amount of ways to interact and progress within the game – whether alone, with friends, or with people you meet on the web – that players always have an incentive to come back.

The same applies to websites. While you may imagine that everybody who involves your site wants to interact and interact, this is often rarely the case because people need the motivation to require action. Providing an immediate line of contact is extremely important, whether it’s an email address, signaling, or live chat. And on the opposite hand, if a prospective customer wants more information without actual speech from a salesman yet, your website should incorporate a blog for effective content marketing.

If you would like to make sure website engagement, put your users first and provide them choices.

Now that we’ve customer support covered, what about the community aspect?

Videos games build communities through social media, on-site forums, external forums, and community sites like Reddit. They often have one or several Community Managers whose job is to achieve bent new users and help the community function smoothly. Building a website community works the precise same way. Forums may or might not be useful betting on your industry, but social media and email outreach are extremely important for attracting and retaining new customers. In fact, 33% of marketers gave social media a medium-high to high rating for effectiveness consistent with a study by Similar Web, Smart Insights, and JBH.

Whether you’re trying to make the most popular computer game or launching a spanking new product or service, your success is directly impacted by the sort of experience you deliver. This experience includes everything from modern website design and responsiveness to overall user experience and community engagement. As a gamer, I’ve got high expectations for the games I select to play and spend money on, and as an online developer, I strive to satisfy those self-same expectations for every website I help create.


When Building A Website, Consider Web Design And SEO Optimization.

A web designer may go carried away with a crazy web design idea, resulting in unnecessary design innovation on the site. When it comes to creating a new website, most inexperienced designers are primarily concerned with how visually pleasing the site will be. How many individuals make websites merely for the sake of making them? Not at all. Aside from fantastic advertising methods, the greatest way for people to find your website is to optimize it for major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Yandex.

What can web designers do for a good SEO


Web designers may believe that the CEO is not their concern. They simply want to construct a stunning website and move on. This is a nice notion, but that is not always the case, especially when designing a site that has to rank well in search engines. There are several things that designers may do to assist optimize pages. Keep in mind that we’re talking about on-site SEO or anything you can do to affect a website’s rating. The better your on-site SEO, the easier it is for search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and Yandex to scan and index your pages in order to assess their relevance for a specific search, and link building service from outreachmonks can assist you.

Plan accordingly


SEO must be taken into account at the beginning of the creative process. Once you know what you are designing for, who, and what the purpose of a website is for, you must, as a web designer, create an understandable one.

Please do not create a “Splash” page!


It doesn’t matter if the client really wants the Splash Page or you just think it’s a creative idea. Not only is this a super old technique, but it won’t help your SEO either, especially if it’s just one of those Splash graphics pages and a click here button. Typically, search engines crawl and find most of the information they need on your home page. Please don’t be that website that is just ignored.


Design for text

As web designers, we want everything to look good. We want everything to be meaningful and aesthetic. Sometimes, for these reasons, we render too many elements on our website graphical. For example, we want to create a unique menu with a decorative font and an obscure shape behind each link. Most of the time what we’ll do is create a graphic and just use the map image instead of encoding it. What other designers do is create graphics for titles or headers.


Blow out the dynamics

Before you even start designing a website, you should think about how you will implement its features. If you rely too much on technology like Flash or Ajax, then you should reconsider your position. The problem here is that the amount of support that search engines have for HTML is not as great as what is available for more dynamic content. Don’t create a menu based on Flash or graphics, just make it text-based. But feel free to use Flash or Ajax animations elsewhere on the site if you really need to.

Good Web Design Doesn’t Lie

These days, there are plenty of good websites and online shops where you can leave your money. The products can be quite different. Regardless of whether it is an online shop for the timber trade or furniture, owners should design all online presences in such a way that the customer can easily find his way around. Customers have become more demanding today. At present, hardly anyone can afford to offer their customers a badly designed website.

A good web design is inviting

Customers stay longer on a good website. The longer visitors stay on a website, the higher the chance that these people will make a purchase. For this reason, you should also invest more money in web design. This is what decides whether the visitors feel comfortable on a website or in an online shop.

5 Steps in Making a Gaming Website

Gaming Keyboard


At now, you’re probably wondering the way to set about making a gaming website. The subsequent five steps should get you started.

1. Create a thought for your gaming site

Before you begin making a gaming website, it’s smart to possess a concept in situ for what sort of site you wish to control. There are a variety of paths you’ll be able to take:

  • A gaming blog. Your gaming blog could cover plenty of ground – anything from new releases of games and hardware to industry news and game studio coverage. A blog may be a fantastic thanks to driving traffic to a website, which opens the door for several monetization strategies. Affiliate marketing, subscription-only content, and ad revenue are some of the inclusions.
  • A game review site. Game reviews and comparisons will be invaluable for consumers who need help deciding where to spend their hard-earned money. As such, this sort of site offers lots of potentials. So, you may combine the 2 if that better suits your audience as there’s also a good little bit of overlap with a more generalized gaming blog.
  • A website dedicated to professional gaming. Pro gaming (also called e-sports) has experienced an explosion in popularity over the previous few years. It’s now a billion-dollar industry[3] with fans everywhere around the globe. A site focused on e-sports could cover matches and tournaments, player rankings, and upcoming special events, furthermore offering commentary and opinions.
  • A site that hosts a game server. What will be both a rewarding personal hobby and a possible revenue stream is hosting a personal server for your favorite game. Like overcrowding, performance bottlenecks, and rude individuals, these private setups avoid many of the pitfalls of public servers.

It’s important to understand what direction you wish to require your site because this may inform other choices down the road, including your hosting needs and marketing strategy.

2. Sign on for the proper hosting plan

Once you have got your website arranged, it’s time to begin building it. the primary step during this process is to settle on an online host and plan that matches your needs (and budget).

For a generalized gaming site, or one focused totally on a blog, nearly any hosting plan can work (although some will naturally be better suited than others). However, if you’re visiting host a gaming server, you’ll likely want to seem into a more specialized package that gives better performance and more control than a typical plan.

For a gaming blog or news site, a shared hosting plan from a reputable provider (we recommend Bluehost) should provide everything you wish. Looking at the host and specific plan, you’ll pay as little as $2.75 per month, leaving lots of funds to speculate in other aspects of your website. Bluehost is suggested by, so you’ll expect top-notch support for the platform.

If you would like to line up a game server on your site, you will need something more powerful and reliable than a basic shared hosting plan. Both solid options are dedicated hosting or a virtual private server (VPS).


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3. Choose and register your domain

Once your hosting plan is ready up, you’ll have to choose and register a website name so as to induce your site online. Your name is your site’s permanent address on the web and enables users to seek out and access it.

The domain you decide on is essentially up to preference, on the condition that it’s available. However, you’ll want to stay in mind some things when making your selection:

  • A unique and memorable domain helps users remember your site, which may encourage repeat visitors.
  • Domain names have an effect on program optimization (SEO), so you’ll want to include keywords if possible.
  • Your domain also plays part in branding and is commonly the primary impression a possible visitor has of your site.

When it involves actually registering your domain, you’ve got two options:

  1. Many hosting providers offer domain registration as part of your hosting plan. Some even cover the value of the domain for up to a year. This is often usually the best choice since it’s bundled together with your web hosting. If you employ Bluehost, they’ll provide you with a free name for the primary year.
  2. Domain registrars are third-party sites not affiliated with a hosting provider, which enable you to buy a website name. You’ll then connect that domain to your site through your web host.

Either option works, although using your hosting provider is mostly simpler. Once you’ve got your domain registered, it’s time to start out making a gaming website.

4. Customize your gaming website

The first step in building your website is to put it in WordPress. To make the method simple, many hosting providers either install WordPress for you during registration or offer a one-click install. in your web host’s administration panel, you’ll usually find these options.

Once WordPress is ready up, you’ll be able to start customizing your site. That begins with choosing the proper theme. Your theme controls how nearly every element on the location is displayed, so picking one carefully is very important.

5. Make a game server

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to line up a game server for your website. This probably sounds difficult, but the method is truly relatively straightforward. Additionally, most games offer detailed instructions to run you thru it.

In a nutshell, once you’ve got hosting in situ for the server, you’ll have to install any dependencies the sport requires, and so configure the server for the sport you’re installing.

The process is often a small amount involved, so it’s important to follow the instructions from the sport developer carefully. Many games even have dedicated communities like f95zone (read more about f95zone) where you’ll find additional help if you wish it.


Basics For Effective Shopping Web Design

Web design is an underrated discipline with enormous potential. Even experienced web design experts learn for a lifetime. The reason is the growing importance of web design, more and more specific target groups and the permanent further development in online marketing.

Essential basics for Smart Shopper web design

A functioning design is an issue at the management level in the company. And they must at least be able to understand web design and online shop design so well.  this way, they are able to formulate basic requirements for a possible agency. And certain know-how is also necessary in order to be able to distinguish a good web designer from a bad or mediocre one.

Web design in e-commerce: Rules for your success

Those who have not jumped on the digital train of e-commerce these days should do so, at least if they want to sell something successfully. This is due to the fact that you are doing more and more things online and you prefer to shop online.

With an e-commerce website like, you can give your brand building the right boost. You reach more customers and thus sell your products better.

However, this only works with the right online shop web design. Because nowadays a design has a lot more tasks than looking good. The design must reflect your brand philosophy. Most importantly, it must encourage your visitors to act, that is, to make them buy.

Smart Shopper: Tricks to take your e-commerce to the next level

In e-commerce, your visitors want to buy from trustworthy brands.Smart Shopper USA They want to visit not just online stores that give the impression that they just want to get your banking information. So you have to precisely define your brand. This is exactly what a good media designer needs to incorporate and communicate in your e-commerce design.

When you talk about design these days, it is often mistakenly assumed that this is just a layout. Your visitors want to be able to navigate easily and get to the solution they are looking for quickly without problems or complications. Your visitors will certainly expect an appealing design, but under the aspect of which layout promises the easiest navigation.

It may be important to you to describe your products long and in detail. But no one will be interested. Choose the clearest possible content in a manageable framework. It has proven useful to subdivide content and keep the format comprehensible. Emphasize important information, keep it brief and loosen up descriptions with bullet points, for example. The better your target audience can absorb the relevant information, the more you will sell.

Why Web Design is Important

Your website is one of the most significant components of your company’s online presence especially if its a streaming site where people watch the royals season 5, so make sure it’s well-designed. Your website is also where you nurture bottom-of-funnel leads in order to convert them. As a result, any website failures that force your prospects to leave your website are unaffordable.

We’ll talk about why excellent website design is vital from your audience’s standpoint in this piece.

Image of the company

Your brand and all it stands for are reflected on your website. It is often one of the first things people look at when getting to know a brand, and so aids in the formation of a first impression.

Colors, typefaces, photos, and other design aspects on your website all contribute to your brand identity. As a result, you must carefully choose those pieces and ensure that they are consistent across your website.


If you have a set of brand colors that fit with your logo and other parts of your brand identification, you should utilize them on your website as well. If you’re starting from scratch, though, you may utilize this research to learn about color correlations.

If you want your brand to be associated with trust, for example, you should choose the color blue. Furthermore, if you want customers to believe that your company produces high-quality goods, the color black might help you create that image. Similarly, you may choose your brand colors based on the brand connections you wish to create.


Keep your layout minimal, clean, and built in a manner that attracts attention to the most critical components as a general guideline.

In addition, the amount of menu selections or items in a drop-down menu should be decided by the preferences of your target audience. You may try out a few alternative layouts and do split tests to see which one performs best for your audience.

The following is one of the greatest instances of crowded website design and how it impacts usability. The website is difficult to browse, and the absence of a grid-style makes it seem cluttered and disorganized.

Tips for Great Fashion Web Design

Web design for fashion is an area of ​​responsibility with very specific requirements. These are due, among other things, to the radical changes that the fashion industry is subject to.

Nowadays, you do pretty much everything online especially fashion and shopping.

Web design is crucial in building a fashion website besides being active in fashion paid guest post. Not only does your site need to look good and fit the brand, but it also needs to get your site visitors to act and well.

Tips for creating a fashion website

Make branding a priority

fashion paid guest post

When shopping online, people want to buy from established brands rather than faceless e-commerce sites that look like they’re trying to steal credit card information.

If you want to build the trust necessary for your business to sell, you need to give serious thought to branding. Your branding is like your company’s DNA. It describes who you are as a company, what it is about and how you differentiate yourself from the competition. It also plays a huge role in building a connection with your target audience and driving sales.

If you want to get the most out of your design, take the time to define your brand and let that branding flow into your design. If you’re not sure who you are as a brand, that’s okay! You should just dig into yourself a bit before you start designing.

Fashion web design: Use color to your advantage

Colour is an extremely powerful tool. If you understand the psychology behind colour, you can use them to your advantage.

Different colors can evoke different feelings, actions, and emotions. Thus if you want your site to lead people to buy something, you have to use color inspirations to your benefit.

If you want to improve your credibility, you should incorporate blue into your web design. Not only is blue a universally popular color, it also increases confidence, which has made it a preferred color in the corporate world.

Fashion web design: Use loads of high-quality images

In the world of web design, images are known to increase conversions.

Nobody will buy a product unseen. If you want people to buy your products, you need to show them what they’re buying by using high-quality images.

The Impact of Color in Your Web Design

You may never realize but color plays a huge role in your web designs branding and appearance. Colors evoke emotions and moods of people. According to the author Satyendra Singh, “People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with websites or products, about 62-90% of the assessment is based on color alone.” This is why color plays a huge role in your online appearance. From the color you choose for your headline text, or the color you pick for your background, this color scheme will set the mood for your website and ultimately your brand.

How do you know which colors are the right one? Finding the right colors for your brand is not hard. Ask yourself, what does your brand represent? What emotions or feelings do you associate with your brand? Now, associate these feelings with their appropriate color.

·         Red is as extremely stimulating color. Around the world, red is known to be the color of energy. It will attract the most attention. It often represents important notices. Many use red as an accent color. It makes a headline more noticeable. It’s a great way to grab the viewers’ attention in your website.

·         Orange is a warm and vibrant color. It is considered to be energizing and at the same time welcoming. Orange can create a warm and welcoming feeling for your customers. Orange often radiates happiness. Before choosing orange make sure which emotions you are going for as different shades of orange would represent different feelings. Bright orange is welcoming and friendly. Dark orange can show antiqueness or a vintage feel.

·         Yellow is an extremely versatile color depending on which shade you use. Bright yellow glow with enthusiasm and optimism. Bright yellow will immerse your brand with energy. Dark yellow such as gold It often represents antiquity and age. This dark shades often relates to time and wisdom.

·         Green gives so many different emotions. One emotion that it gives of is the feeling of growth. It gives a sense of renewal and restores exhausted energy. This is great to use if you’re looking for an environmental or healthy theme as it balances emotion and inspires compassion. Green also represents stability and endurance.

·         The color blue is usually associated with relaxing emotions. It is also associated with strength, reliability and openness. Blue emits a feeling of loyalty and inner security which is why you may see security and technology information businesses use this color. Social media giants such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all utilize the color blue in their networks.

Generating Passive Income Through Web Designing

Aside from Hosting there are other ways you can earn passive income through your web designs. You can always resell your web hosting services on behalf of another web hosting company. This will get you a smaller piece of the pie but will definitely be more hands off. Just be sure to partner off with a web host that will give you a share from the monthly residual income rather than just the upfront referral that other companies offer. Remember, we are going after that monthly passive income. Reselling web hosting is the only one that is 100% passive.

Here’s how you can make passive income by reselling website hosting:

  • Sign up as an affiliate with a quality, reliable hosting service that your clients will love.
  • Make sure that they offer ongoing residual income with each referral you send them.
  • Refer your clients to one of these hosts when the website is ready to be published.
  • Enjoy your truly 100% passive income.

Another way is Lease dedicated servers or completely manage website hosting. If you are that type who is techy and who knows their way around a server app, this can be the best option for you. Leasing a dedicated server will be much costlier initially as you’ll be taking the responsibility of managing a whole server by yourself at a flat monthly rate. But, as you require more hosting customers over time, your profit margins will dramatically increase because you do not have to pay extra to host each additional site. You will also be able to provide a higher hosting service since your server is 100% dedicated to your clients only. You do not have to split any of its resources to other websites not owned and managed by you.

How to Make a Passive Income as a Web Designer

If you’re a web designer and have clients who were satisfied with the work you have done but never to be heard of again, your losing great opportunities and cash. The worst part is, it’s the most valuable type of income, passive income. Building a website is the first step in building your online presence. The real work takes place afterwards. For some reason many web designers are choosing not to get involved in this valuable work.

Making real passive income with your web design business is possible. You do not have to use shady business tactics or sales gimmicks to get it. This can also give your clients a ton of opportunity from it. It is a true win for everyone involved.

Here’s a way to make passive income from your web design business, Website Hosting, most of this options are not 100% passive. It requires a little bit of work to maintain. When your finished building a website of your client, why would you pass them off to some other web hosting company when you can keep your client in-house. You can give them a superb quality web site hosting they deserve. This doesn’t mean you need to build your website servers or networks; you can list them from hosting company that has already done the heavy listing. Your job is will be to manage and maintain your client’s website on those list servers.  

Steps to make passive income out of website hosting:

1. Choose your website builder. (If you haven’t already)

2. Setup your hosting plan with that website builder. This varies depending on the builder you choose, but all will have instructions on how to do so, unless you’re going full custom with WordPress)

3. Sign up with an invoicing platform that offers automated monthly invoicing.

4. sign up with a payment processor that allows automated monthly payment processing via credit card.

5. Decide what features, you’d like to include in your hosting plan.

6. Choose the pricing for hosting plans.

7. Sell your hosting plans to each client you build a website for.

8. Bask in your passive income profits.

How Websites can Help You Grow a Strong Following on Twitch?

If you are a gamer and using Twitch as a platform to earn money, then you probably need to have a website that is professionally designed. Probably, for selling your merchandise, making announcements, and everything in between. Besides, a website is extremely important if you are serious to grow a strong following on Twitch.

Grow a Strong Following on Twitch with a Strong Website

There are plenty of advantages to working with an experienced web design company or a web designer. Whether it is redesigning or designing your website, it will take a lot of time. There’s so much research and planning to do, which are all vital for your growth and success.

But what are the benefits you can get if you decide to work with the pros? Read on and it will certainly change the way you think.

Preparing an Online Strategy

Among the biggest selling factors of a web developer or designer is their capability to efficiently layout strategic plans. Collectively, a web design agency will be focusing on the core of your business and its future goals too. Leading agencies will be laying a strong foundation for your site to make sure that it will enjoy long-term success.

To have an efficient website, the best agencies usually assign their talented teams to perform digital marketing correctly from web designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, coders, and more.

Top-Notch Web Design

Have you ever tried making your website design? Well, even with a free template, it can be difficult to come up with a jaw-dropping website. Any site online requires codes, plugins, images, and headers to look attractive and appealing. All this is second nature among seasoned web designers.

Web agencies will be focusing on delivering a results-driven page that is both dynamic and attractive while delivering an exceptional user experience. With the onset of new technology and new developments in web design, websites of today are incomparable to those that were built 3 or 5 years ago. There are literally millions of people who go online these days to search or buy something. A website is deemed as a portal to connecting people to their needs and thus, considered as an integral marketing tool for businesses or streamers alike.

Phases in Web Designing

A website is the core of any online activities. If you look into the marketing channels and techniques, what they actually do is bring visitors to your website. The main purpose of a website is to turn these visitors into customers. In marketing terms this is called conversion. A bad website can basically cause you a waste of money on other marketing methods because you don’t need more visitors if you can’t turn them into customers. So the better your website is the more visitors are converted into your customers. Many people in the industry call themselves web designers but most of them have little knowledge on HTML. Without proper planning they will create a website that is not that catching. Look for someone who is serious about web design. Web design is a very complex process but this is how a website should be done.

Here are some of the basics in web design.





  1. This is all about information gathering and identify the following:
  • Website Purpose
  • Website Goal
  • Target audience
  1. This includes the following:
  • Definition of Sitemap
  • Website structure
  • Technologies used
  1. Design
  • Wireframe Models
  • Visual Style
  • Usability, UI, UX
  1. Content
  • Choose the right copywriting
  • Photos and Videos
  • Search Engine Optimization
  1. Development
  • HTML & CSS Coding
  • Databases
  • Responsive Design
  1. Test all the technical features like:
  • Technical Testing
  • Browser compatibility
  • “Does it fulfill its purpose?”
  1. Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Bug Fixes
  • Maintenance

Learn Web Development With These Best YouTube channels

Getting started programming and understanding the concepts is no small challenge. Luckily, the internet offers tons of tutorials (from web design to web development) in many forms. These Youtube channels will teach you web development. Download and convert these tutorials through the best Youtube clip converter here.

Nowadays the internet gives us endless opportunities to learn something new. While a visit to the library used to be indispensable, today we learn with tutorials on the Internet: often text-based, but also in video form. The latter is often more attractive for many and is also free on portals such as YouTube.

7 Best Web Development Tutorials For Beginners

We’ll show you the best Youtube channels if you want to get into web development.


If you want to deal with PHP, you should take a look at the Codecourse channel. His repertoire ranges from PHP beginners’ videos to projects with PHP frameworks. In some videos, he also introduces the features of new PHP versions.

Coder’s Guide

Neil Rowe runs the small developer channel Coder’s Guide. Here you will find many videos about Bootstrap, WordPress, and more. Responsive design is also the topic in one of his playlists. He makes a little excursion with the Ratchet framework, which you can use to develop mobile iOS and Android apps with web technologies.

Coder Coder

Kite’s YouTube videos are exceptional. Her most popular tutorial is “Learn web development as an absolute beginner”. You can learn tons from her Channel from HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a lot more.


Dev-Tips offers basic videos about HTML and CSS, but also about React. In addition to basic videos, the Dev-Tips channel also tries its hand at cross-video projects such as querying data from the Spotify API or creating a mobile-first landing page. offers a relatively wide range of different topics from the field of web development. In addition to the well-sorted playlists, the channel operator also maintains a Git repository with all the code sections from his tutorials. A video for beginners for the machine learning framework Tensorflow has recently been released.


The YouTube channel Level-Up-Tuts deals with the common languages ​​HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as various content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal. The Electron framework is new, with which web technologies can be used to develop desktop apps.


Learn-Web-Code is a bit smaller and not quite as active as the previous channels. In addition to the free YouTube videos, the web developer Brad Schiff also offers video courses on WordPress, Git, HTML, and CSS on Udemy, all of which are very popular. Unfortunately, no new video has been uploaded for half a year now.

Tips You Can Follow in Web Designing

It’s not easy to create a website. Here are some good tips that you can follow when doing web design.  This allows you to bring out the best in what you can do in creating spectacular web designs. Make this a habit in following these key things to improve the websites you make.

  1. Starting with the design. Lay your plan. You can use a plain sheet of paper and pencil in laying out this plan. Think ahead and list down all your ideas on how you would like your website to look like. Separate the design from the structure. Start with the structure first and finish up with the design. Once your all set to go for the layout and the structure, designing your website would be much easier.
  2. Logo Size. Do not make your logo very big. The clients visiting your website already know what you sell and your services.
  3. Bad usage of fonts. Don’t use many fonts. Use at least two to three fonts on a website. Making use of more than 3 will make your website look unprofessional. Avoid using over used fonts as well.
  4. Think in a responsive mode. Think on how your website will look on mobile phones, tablets and on the desktop. It should look good on both mobile and in the desk top.
  5. Optimize your images. Focus in the sizes of your images to make it work faster. Bigger images slows down a website. There are several ways to optimizing photos that you can search online.

The Need for Websites to Have Mobile and Responsive Functionality and Features

Now more than ever, e-commerce websites regardless of business type need to be mobile responsive, as most consumers rely on their smartphones when browsing. Even before ecommerce became the new norm, web developers were already adhering to the concepts of Mobile and Responsive Technology. When businesses started realizing the benefits of mobile apps, a website enhanced with functionality of automatically adjusting to any kind of device used for viewing web pages, became extremely important.

One of the early adopters of the mobile and responsive web designs are towing companies whose business models include providing roadside assistance to stranded motorists. In understanding that their potential customers are in some sort of agitated state, it was important that their respective website is easy to navigate and responsive to mobile devices.

What Does Mobile and Responsive Technology Denote?

Considering the growing number of consumers who use mobile devices to view websites, the experience can be enhanced if the layout and content of the webpage automatically adjust to the size of the screen. That is regardless of whether a tablet or smartphone is in portrait or landscape mode; or whether the PC in use has a standard-sized or wide-screen monitor for viewing.

Mobile and responsive web designs for smartphones and tablets typically include rearranging the layout; albeit dependent on the type of business and the key information that customers want to find immediately and with ease. While most retail businesses are more inclined to present images of their products as key contents, towing service businesses tend to be text oriented.

Unlike online retail shoppers, mobile users who view the website of a towing firm would first want to find out if the company also provides roadside assistance. As much as possible, motorists do not want to get in touch with a towing company that will simply tow away their vehicle, particularly in cases when their vehicle stalled as a result of a minor problem. The home page content therefore must immediately present the key information that distressed vehicle owners need to find out quickly.

Example of a Responsive Web Design for a Towing Company

Still using a towing business in presenting an example of a responsive website design, the key information most motorists would look for include:

The location and contact number/s of the towing company, as well as the inclusive hours or days when services are available. As a responsive feature, a potential customer can simply tap the contact number of the towing company, enabling his mobile device to make a call without the need to punch the numbers on the keypad.

The kinds of roadside assistance being provided by the company, which may be provided with details by way of a responsive navigation menu that automatically resizes to fit the screen.

A responsive photo gallery enables vehicle owners to view images of a towing company’s tow vehicles; some even look for photos of the facility and members of its towing team. It has become common nowadays for car owners who travel often, to research about towing companies beforehand. That way, they have a ready list to use as reference in case of an emergency situation in any location.

A responsive web design also integrates Google Maps to allow for quick site location. Let’s say a company engaged in towing san jose located vehicles, receives a request from a customer not native to the area. The latter can send accurate information about his exact location using the readily available Google Maps.

On that note, another responsive feature that should always be present in customer-service oriented towing websites, is the availability of automated forms for Contact Information and “Request a Tow.” Mobile device users needing roadside assistance will be truly appreciative of such functionality. Especially if they are under time pressure, or at worst, figured in a harrowing road traffic accident.

Role Of Logistics Management For Your Business To Achieve Success

Businesses have made enormous strides in simplifying transaction processing and information capture associated with supply chain and logistics operations. Supply chain and logistics optimization are neither simple nor cheap but it’s the largest chance for the majority of companies to significantly lower their cost and enhance their functionality. Logistic management plays a significant role in every company so it is important to make sure there will be no delay. In case your car break down during land operation, do not hesitate to call a reliable towing firm like towing san jose to help you with your concern.

Ten principles to be essential prerequisites for success:

  1. Aims has to be measured and measurable

Aims would be how we define what we would like to achieve with advertising optimization. This in turn is the way the computer decides whether one alternative is far better than another and direction decides whether the optimization method is providing suitable ROI.

  1. Models must faithfully represent mandatory logistics procedures

Models are how people interpret operational requirements and limitations to something the computer can understand and utilize in algorithms.

  1. Variability has to be considered

Variability occurs in virtually all supply chain and logistics procedures (e.g., travel time changes from trip to trip, the amount of items to be chosen in a DC differs from daily, the opportunity to load a truck varies from truck to truck). A number of the versions related to supply chain and logistics either assume that there isn’t any variability or presume that using ordinary values are satisfactory.

  1. Information has to be precise, timely, and detailed

Data is exactly what drives supply chain and logistics optimization. If the information isn’t accurate and/or it isn’t obtained in time to add it in the optimization, the resulting options will likely be suspect. For optimization which focuses on implementation, the data also have to be comprehensive.

  1. Integration should support fully automatic information transfer

Integration is significant due to the massive number of information that has to be contemplated by logistics optimization. For example, optimizing deliveries out of a warehouse to shops daily requires data about the orders, clients, trucks, drivers, and streets. Manually inputting anything aside from very minor quantities of information is equally too time intensive.

  1. Delivery should offer outcomes in a form that facilitates implementation, control, and management

Solutions supplied by distribution chain and logistics optimization versions aren’t effective unless people within the area can perform the optimized strategy and direction may be ensured that the anticipated ROI has been attained.

  1. Algorithms must intelligently exploit human difficulty structure

Among the greatest differentiators among supply chain and logistics optimization technology is your algorithms. An incontrovertible fact concerning distribution chain and logistics issues is that each has some distinctive characteristics that need to be manipulated by the optimization algorithms to be able to offer optimum solutions at a reasonable time.

  1. Individuals must have the domain and engineering expertise needed to support the units, information, and optimization motors

Optimization technologies are “rocket science” and it’s ridiculous to expect it to operate well over time with no a couple of “rocket scientists” to assure that the models and data are right and that the tech is functioning as designed. You can’t expect an intricate set of information, models, and applications to be worked and supported without significant effort from individuals with the proper technical and domain knowledge and expertise.

  1. Procedure must encourage optimization and also have the ability to always enhance

Supply chain and logistics optimization demand a substantial ongoing work. There’s always going to be a shift in logistics issues. This shift necessitates systematic observation of information, models, and algorithm functionality not just to respond to change but also to initiate change when opportunities appear. Struggling to enter place procedures to encourage and continuously enhance logistics optimization regularly leads to optimization technology being poorly used or getting “shelf-ware.”

  1. ROI has to be provable thinking about the entire cost of technology, operations, and people

Supply chain and logistics optimization aren’t free. It requires significant expenses for people and technology.

A Website for your Cleaning Company

One of the primary purposes of your website is to get your cleaning business new clients. These days, people are looking for some type of”proof” that you could be trusted to do what you say you will do, they can trust you with their own valuable property and that you have a proven history of being good at everything you do.

References, quotations, reviews, or”before and after” photographs are a excellent way to let people know that you can back up your claims. Publicity, awards, news reports or interviews are all a great way to establish your credibility.

Remember, the purpose of your website is to get your cleaning company new customers. For example, check how this cleaning company in Taif is successful just via their info-driven website. Even when you’re not a big fan of social media, you have to make sure to give a prospective new customer something which helps them together with the”know, like and trust” portion of the purchasing decision. Let’s take these one at a time:

  • References can be in the form of a listing of people or companies that have worked with you in the past and will guarantee the excellence of your work. You generally provide references when you submit the bid to an potential new customer. However, people visiting your website are still deciding whether they’ll even offer you the opportunity to submit a proposal, so this a wonderful place to demonstrate some letters of reference from existing or former clients.
  • Estimates and reviews accomplish the same thing in a less formal way and are typically easier to get people to offer you- much easier than getting something in writing. If you’re going to use testimonials determine if your client will provide you their picture to go with it as studies have shown that the reader’s eyes are far more attracted to images (esp. The faces of people) than they are to words.
    Before and after images are great because it can help to divide the text of your website with images. In case you decide to use pictures make sure that you get your client’s permission and utilize a high quality camera so your pictures present a positive image of your company.
  • Awards and cleanses – What makes these valuable is the fact that it is somebody else stating how great your business is, not just you. Advertising always sounds self-evident but free marketing is worth more since its more believable. Ensure you take advantage of and post on your site opportunities for local marketing and submit your company for neighborhood and business awards. They make a big difference in setting your business apart from the other people in your market area.
  • News interviews and stories are priceless chances for what would be known as shameless self-promotion if done any other way. The worth of this kind of exposure is worth every minute of discomfort you might feel while doing this. Additionally, it is a good idea to consider hiring a PR company or publicist to help develop networking opportunities for you and also to make sure you publicize and leverage any stories or news so it makes it possible for you to get your cleaning business new clients.

How to Come Up With a Good Web Design

Coming up with a website for your business can be a tough challenge. When coming with a good web design, it needs the collaboration of a group of skilled people. Graphic designers and video editors should be working hand in hand to come up with a good web page. With their combined skills, they can come up with a professional looking web design. With their combined skills they can come up with fascinating and one of a kind web design which is a plus for a web page. Having a website that is artistic and pleasing to the eye can make a first impression. First impressions last. A good website can portray the competency of your business.


The Significance Of A Good Website Design

When looking for car parts and accessories, provides reliable reviews and buying guides on various car parts, accessories as well as other things that has to do with cars, such as the best car seats for your child, the top car shampoo and wax to keep your car’s amazing shine, and even the best dog cage for you pet to have a safe and comfortable ride.

Thanks to technology and the internet, customers can now easily browse for relevant and reliable information on websites like to find the top car products, and other consumer products, in the market that would suit your needs as well as you budgets. This is one major reason why having a business website is essential for businesses, especially in today’s digital age where most consumers rely on the Internet not only for information on the product they are looking for, but also to purchase the product and have it delivered to their doorstep.

The Significance of a Web Design

In a research, within 15 minutes of consuming content, about 66% of individuals browsing websites would rather see a website that is visually appealing than a website that is plain looking. Hence, the design of your website is a vital factor to consider as part of your online presence and digital marketing efforts. In order for you to create a more improved business website, it is crucial that you have a good understanding of the meaning and significance of a web design.

Before even making your business website, it is essential that you understand the significance of website design, and how it affects your website visitors and your business itself. With that, let’s have a look at some key reasons why a good web design is imperative.

  • It establishes a first impression
  • Builds audience relationship and trust
  • It supports your SEO strategies
  • It gives an impression for your customer support service
  • It helps in your digital marketing and in spreading your brand

The Impact of Web Design

Majority of people would choose to see and visit a site that has a website that has an attractive and engaging design rather than to see something which is plain and simple. A website‘s attractiveness and charm makes an impact regarding its online presence. Every business should understand the importance of having a beautiful website. They should also be able to understand the importance of web designing. For every business owner looking into redesigning their website, you must consider how it can impact your clients and your business itself. Note that when your audience visits your website this will create a first impression of your business. Through your website your potential clients can already judge your business. Make a positive impact by making your website more appealing and promising.

What Does Web Design Mean In 2021?

First of all, developments can be observed that are based on the mobile adaptation of the last few years. Business websites such as those of services in towing San Jose should become even more efficient and user-friendly in order to be able to keep up with the competitive online market – be it on the PC, tablet, or smartphone. The bulky and slightly cluttered designs of the 2000s are long gone; the human eye has had enough of it. The new maxim is to concentrate on the essentials.

Web Design Trends In 2021

User-friendliness, i.e. ‘ usability ‘, is also very popular in 2021. The decisive factor for this trend is the responsive web design, which is so important for the mobile market, which emphasizes the technical flexibility under consideration of the user device. Contemporary (Modern) web design suggests that a website responds successfully to the user’s system and positions itself correctly. A Responsive web design is intentionally created to ensure that websites could very well respond with confidence to new programs. Furthermore, website designers are no longer designing websites only for browsers but are also designing websites that are mobile-friendly via the use of apps.

Some of the buzzwords in web design will not let go of us in 2021 either. On the one hand, there is the Internet of Things, which recognizes the increasing digitization of everyday life and wants to offer users even more options for interaction. Having said that, critical improvements in AI research imply that automated web solutions are becoming considerably better. Web-site designers need to consider taking full benefit from this area as well.

The more targeted integration of interactive 3D effects and VR / AR elements is one of the most important new trends. Both techniques make web projects more interactive and at the same time set important visual stimuli. The principle still applies: Less is more! Another important point that will have a decisive influence on web design in 2021 is increasing social and ecological awareness. The huge social and media interest in topics such as climate change or the corona crisis shows how important it is for companies to get involved accordingly. In spite of all the technical progress, such topics also shape the design of websites.

Rules for excellent web design

When designing or redesigning a website, it’s easy to get bogged down with aesthetics.

However, if you really want to achieve something on a website such as then you need to be concerned with more than just the look of the website.

Web design rules for an outstanding user experience


Your visitors don’t come to your page to rate how awesome your design is. From a user experience perspective and usability, simplicity is your best friend.

Visual hierarchy

It’s about arranging and organizing website elements in a way that naturally directs visitors to the most important elements.

Remember, the goal of optimizing the usability and user experience is to get visitors to do a particular activity in a way that feels natural and comfortable to them.

Easy navigation

Intuitive navigation of your website will help your visitors quickly find what they are looking for. Ideally, visitors should arrive on your page and not have to think about where to click next. Moving from A to B on your side should be easy.


Not only your navigation should be consistent, but the entire appearance should be consistent across the individual pages. The backgrounds, color schemes, fonts and also the style in your texts are aspects where a uniform design has a positive effect on usability and the user experience.


In a general sense, this means investing in a highly flexible website structure like responsive design. In the case of a website with a responsive design, the content and its format are automatically adapted to the size of the device that a visitor is using.


There are certain web design conventions that have become known to most internet users over the years.

To give your visitors the best possible experience on your site, stick to the experiences that your visitors already know. This is a real advantage.


If you want to create a page that offers your visitors the best possible user experience, then credibility should not be neglected.

One of the best ways you can improve your site’s credibility is with honesty. Describe your product or service honestly and clearly.

Focus on the user

The bottom line is that ease of use and the user experience rely on user preferences.

In improving your website, it’s even more important to run tests, get feedback, and make changes based on these rules.

Establishing Your Online Presence

In today’s digital world, most businesses relay so much on the Internet. Almost all business today have a website of their own. They use this as a platform to promote their products and services. This see this as a significant tool to set up their online presence.

Building your online presence

Many find learning website design and development beneficial. Here are some advantages:

  • It gives a face to your business. As a business owner you always want to impress your existing and potential clients. Having a website gives your business a great impression when they visit your website.
  • Having a professionally designed website builds trust to your clients. It makes your business stand out from the others.
  • At this digital age, many relay on the web to buy, sell, advertise and broadcast a product. You can promote your business by having a website of your own.

Web Design Flow With The Trends Of Times

The computer age has improved as technology continues to advance. With this, the masters in web designing are also upgrading their works and designs. It’s important that they come up with new trends and designs to meet any users needs. Since a user’s preference can quickly change. Web designers never fail to come up with improved and creative designs. Many great concepts in web designing become great trends and hit in this digital age. They simply flow with the trends of the time.

5 meaningful web design trends for 2020

How to Hire the Right Web Designer for Your Needs?

Are you thinking of giving your website an overhaul or perhaps planning to build it from scratch? Either way, there are numerous to be taken into mind before you start with such project. Whether your budget is constrict or not, here are few things to be remembered when hiring a professional web designer.

Own Your Domain

Just before you get started with your project, you need to be clear on what exactly is the difference between owning and renting your website. Yes it is true that customized themes are beautiful but, it will require you to pay either monthly or annual fees to keep using them. In regards to custom-designed pages, you have full rights as soon as your project is through and paid.

As you review the proposals given, don’t rush the fine print. Because in this section, you get to know if the ownership of hosting environment, ownership of domain name and the source code would be transferred from the designer to you? Well, how about the copyright for the images used, the content and graphic designs? Without such guarantees, you won’t have full ownership of the site should you opt to change developers in the long run and rebuild everything from scratch.

Read their Portfolio

Get few examples of the web designer’s work and check the website. Ask yourself if you like what you are seeing.

Go beyond the home page and then, click through different pages to test its functionality, user experience and site architecture. Check for clean designs as well as navigations. The work quality they’ve put in their past projects will be reflecting to the results of the website project.

Inquire about Search Engine Optimization

Talk to your prospects for web design regarding their knowledge and experience about SEO. If ever they are making promises regarding first page ranking, then it should be considered as a red flag and you must walk away. On the other hand, if they are talking about how coding, proper indexing and several site-wide techniques can boost search bot page speed and accessibility, then you are good to go. So if you are prospecting to hire Blogger Outreach Services: #1 Link Outreach Agency, better remember these points.

Check this Online Marketing Service by the Post Office

The U.S. Postal Service began a new program called the Each Door Direct program that’s earning money for a lot of little businesses. This is ideal for many businesses to target people in their area including: dry cleaners, pizza locations or restaurants, auto dealers, real estate people, lawyers, and accountants.

  • They’ve Made It Relatively Easy – No permit is required for this and you don’t need to obtain a mailing list. And using the Postal Service’s online tool, you can pick either a business/residential or merely residential route. What you can not do (at least ) is pick business-only. But the post office says they are working on this option.
  • The MinimumYou select the postal route along with the zip code. With their site and this tool, you may see addresses onto its amount and the paths. You must email each address . You can’t target one stop. You may decide whether to include businesses or apartment complexes and post office boxes.

There is another way instead of picking individual routes. You can enter the position of your business and request every single address within a mile or within three miles or whatever. It shows you places the exact price and that could be.

  • And the Maximum – However, this really is the service which means you have got to do it exactly their way. You may only mail around 5000 pieces of email per day.

Bundling Them that the Post Office Way

They need to be packed in groups of 50. Let’s say a path has 226 addresses. You would have four packages of 50 each and one package of 26. Each package must get a”facing slide” on the front which identifies the postal course. You could cover a mailing service to handle the whole thing or employ someone to bundle them. Or you have a party that is bundling and can sit down in front of the TV with your family members and friends. Though since the post office is picky careful with the counting. Each piece should have an”address bar” which must be in a specific place on the mailing.

The Way to Use It

Here is what you can mail in this program: postcards that are large. The post office requires them”flats” Up to 12×15 inches at 14.5 cents each (for many deliveries). I’ve see that reference of”for most deliveries” but I am not sure in what scenarios it costs . You then take them to this particular post office and pay by check, money, metered postage or debit card (but not charge card the last I heard but they were working on this too ). If you wanted to ship your cards to another city simply mail them in a huge box with all the paperwork (and payment) inside.

If you’ve got questions about the program, simply do an internet search [ ] or call their hotline: 877-747-6249.

Many marketers are employing these cards to market advertisements in the exact same area all to companies. The Postal Service really has a good idea. I urge you to give it a look.

Impact of Web Designs on Business Websites

The most common hitch of a web design in some free DIY web builder platforms is the limitation on customization. It is common for free Do-It-Yourself web builders to limit customization of web design because they also host the websites built via their platform.

This is okay if your purpose for a website is to do some blogging as a hobby and earn some extra money on the side. However, restrictions on customization of web design matters if you will be banking on a website, as a means for marketing and growing your business. The potential risk of a shared hosting arrangement though is that a platform will not be able to cope when several websites have scaled up.

Once those scaled-up websites use the platform’s resources altogether at the same time, the system is likely to load at a slower speed; or even become temporarily unavailable to web searchers and visitors trying to access one of the hosted websites.

Why Unrestricted Web Design is Important to Business Websites

We all know that it is important for a business website to reach the top pages of Google’s search system. Yet even if a business website manages to do so, it is also critical to present web pages that will make searchers stay and explore the content. A good web design can positively impact a business website if it can do the following:

Help with the SEO Strategy

Be in the know that a web design can have an effect on how a website’s published content will appear to search engine bots. However, the process of making a web design search-engine friendly would be complicated for regular people to comprehend and tackle. After all, the process involves writing legible HTML and SEO friendly codes for certain elements such as Title Tag, Meta Description, Anchor Tags, Headings, Subheadings and Breadcrumbs.

It would be wiser for business website owners to hire a professional web designer so they can devote more time in managing and running their business. Otherwise, they will be spending much of their precious time, trying to figure out how all those elements work to make their web design search-engine friendly.

Set Impression that Can Positively Impact a Business

When visitors arrive at your website for the first time, the way your website presents your business and what it has to offer, can have an impact in a matter of seconds. If the audience finds it easy to visit your website, it already gives them the impression of your business demeanor. Yet if they land on pages that look outdated and somewhat cold and unappealing, visitors will likely leave based on first impressions alone.

A good web design is one that can project a feeling of warmth in a way that mirrors how you receive customers. If it seems that you, as a business owner, made little effort to have an online representation of your business look well put-up and professionally organized, they could form the same impression about your business.

This is particularly true if you are offering service as a business. To cite an example, let us say you are into rendering professional carpet cleaning services, a web design that instantly impresses audience as modern, bright, active and up to date with trends, will give potential customers the same impression on how your carpet cleaning business operates.

What Is Web Design & Its Function To IPTV

Web design is what makes the holistic look when you use a website. It is the process of building and planning the elements of your website, from the structure and layout to the graphics, images, colours, and fonts.

Web design consists of various components that work together to create the finished website experience. This includes graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization and content creation. These elements determine how a website looks, feels, and functions on different devices.

Concept of the website for iptv companies

For iptv subscription companies, a website is a classic marketing tool for presenting goods and services. The website is the shop window on the Internet. How do you best present your company? Without a concept and strategy, it will be difficult. Only when this has been done can the graphic and technical implementation begin.

Graphic design of an iptv website

According to the concept, you have to select the colours and the font that fit your company. For companies, a company logo is indispensable as a recognition factor. Nice lettering is often enough. Which images should be used? How big should the pictures be? Are the pictures bought or does someone like to take pictures? You must create and adapt the first drafts. Does the result meet your expectations?

Technical implementation of an iptv website

After you determine the layout of the website, the technical implementation begins. iptvYou must select the technical means according to the concept. In the case of websites, the question arises as to whether it should be a static or a dynamic website.

The functionality of the website plays a big role. After all, everything should work fine. The navigation should lead quickly to the desired information. The writing should be easy to read and you should display the images correctly. You should write the texts in a way that is understandable and appropriate to the topic. The search engine-friendly implementation with the right technical means is invisible to the user.

The generic term web design includes more than just a beautiful and suitable layout of the website. The functionality and ease of use of a website are just as important.

How Programmers Teach Their Children To Code

On the one hand, here are collected short and almost step-by-step guides for teaching children to program. On the other hand, there are ordinary life stories about the relationship between children and parents, reflections on the peculiarities of children’s perception of the world. While we are in a coronavirus pandemic, we can still celebrate National Son Day in our home while teaching our children basic programming ideas.

Start with the elementary

When my son Sai was four years old, we already started using programs for creating logos on the iPad (Mad Logo) and making animations using the Scratch programming language for children. But I wanted my son to look inside and came up with some tricks that could captivate him with programming in Python. This language is simple enough for a child to understand and yet powerful enough to implement all the ideas that come to my mind and for which I am paid a good salary.

Switch to Python

Do you know that Python is already installed on your MacBook? You just need to open a terminal window and enter python to run (you need to press ctrl + d to exit). Everything you need to get up and running with Python is in this tutorial.

Talk to your computer

In order for the child to pay attention, I have a special life hack. Make your computer talk! If you have a MacBook, then just open a terminal window and enter the command “welcome”. The computer will answer “hello”. Isn’t it magic?

Everything else you can easily find on the Internet

Imagine that you want to teach your child something difficult. Let’s say recursion. Remember what it is? I remembered, but damn it, I was very interested – how can I explain something really difficult to a child (such as recursion)? I used an excellent one from Khan Academy that talks about a recursive factorial program in an accessible way. Here is the code we used with my son. He was 6 years old then and I think he was too young to understand recursion, but he really enjoyed watching a computer do really big factorials. I’m sure there are 6-year-olds who have already made millions of dollars from an iPhone game they wrote themselves. But my children did not start writing their own programs. In fact, I’m not even sure if they are interested in programming! However, thanks to these exercises, my son Sai became interested in factorials and, most importantly, saw that programming is something that absolutely everyone can do. I advise you – there is a lot of materials for effective learning to program.

Starting from scratch

Scratch is very fun and intuitive. And this platform is just like that very Lego. My son has been actively using it for more than two years and even now sometimes looks there.

Real coding

Moving from the warm and cozy world of visual programming to the harsh and cold world of regular command-line text input (and the following error messages) is a big and important moment.

First language

I read the guidelines and chose Python. I myself work HTML / Javascript, PHP / Laravel, Node / Express, I had no experience with Python. But I immediately realized that this was the best solution and ordered the book “Python for Kids”. Python is an easy-to-read and elegant language. You don’t need to write as much code in it as it does in C-like languages. I took my mother’s laptop and installed Python and Sublime on it. His Scratch skills allowed him to quickly master variables, conditionals, loops, and lists. It all started out quite cheerfully, but then my son stopped and lost his motivation. The tasks from the second part of the book could not compete with the same Scratch, let alone the Xbox. But I understand that it was a great experience for both of us, and I am sure that in the future my son will return to Python because it has so many uses.

JavaScript comes to the rescue

I remember how excited he was when he realized that he could view code on sites and change content using Chrome DevTools. Adding “poop” to the titles of web pages is a lot of fun for kids. I decided that he needed to master HTML and JavaScript, and ordered the book “JavaScript for Kids”, which covers all the basics. He worked on the book for a little over an hour on weekends but made significant progress.

Your movie site should be Responsive

Nowadays, we are living in the world of technology and are constantly associated while being in a hurry. It’s either people are reserving tickets, taking care of bills, checking sites on their gadgets.

No big surprise, responsive website architecture is the mantra for a useful site today. Step by step, it is turning out to be progressively difficult to run an effective site without responsive website architecture. Having a responsive website design is the standard for any site improvement. Especially if it will be like a site like Netflix. This is why people prefer this website for watching movies. Watched apk is also another great alternative for watching shows online. Their websites are responsive and very easy to use, just search for a movie or show you’d like to watch.

Assuming your site needs to stand out from the rivals in your field, you need to support up deals to have incredible online presence. So, grab the opportunity to make your webpage responsive.

What is responsive website?

Responsive website permits a site to open on various screens. At the end of the day, a site with a responsive plan can open on a wide range of gadgets by realigning and rearranging content and pictures.

The construction of the website page realigns itself to fit the new screen space. This guarantees that clients can get to the site on any gadget.

On the off chance that you haven’t considered making your site a responsive one, you are most likely not mindful of how much rates of your guests are really getting to your site on their tablets or cell phones. Or then again might be you have no rivals in your field or having a site isn’t significant for you.

Best Review Websites For Power Tools

Power tools, like the best dewalt impact driver, are a necessary tool for any handyman. They allow us to complete hundreds of tasks with ease and without much hassle. The best reviews websites for power tools can be found online. These websites offer detailed information regarding the different types of power tools. They also provide useful tips on how to choose the best tool for a particular task and where to buy it from.

Best Review Websites For Power Tools

Home Fixated

Home Fixated is a humorous blog about tool reviews, news and tips. Home Fixated is targeted on power tools and offers monthly freebies like free tools and tons of prizes. The website is committed to being the ultimate source of home improvement information, excellent tools and ingenious home solutions. You will love Adam Carolla’s humor in Home Fixated website.

Workshop Addict

Workshop Addict is a discussion board for tool lovers. It has a great blog with tool reviews, tutorials, and comparison content that will definitely help you choose the best tool for anything you can do. The Workshop Addicts Forum presents a variety of topics from tool discussions, metalworking, and even welding. The website definitely offers something for everyone.

Real Tool Reviews

Real Tool Reviews is a fairly new website/weblog that started as a YouTube channel in 2014. Real Tool Reviews features all types of tools, including tools for automobiles, construction, home improvement, etc. If you have any type of tool in mind, Real Tool Review may have already posted a review about it. The website is growing fast and the most preferred tool review channel. The website also provides tools that are specifically USA made. They also offer a lot of give aways for their followers and subscribers.

A Concord Carpenter

Rob Robillard is the person behind the website, A Concord Carpenter. He is a carpenter, a woodworker, a general contractor, and an entrepreneur. He owns and manages a business in carpentry and renovation in Concord Massachusetts. His website offers topics on home improvement, content on woodworking and remodeling works. You will find a lot of tool reviews and solutions to remodeling and home maintenance issues.

Home Construction and Improvement

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Web Design For Your Business In Remedial Services

The term web design has been around the website world for quite a while, but what is it really? What exactly does someone mean when they talk about ‘web design’? Isn’t design and web development just mixed up?

Web Design for Remedial Services

The term web design refers to the design and design of the front (front-end) of websites and web shops or reservation systems . However, the term is regularly used in a broader sense, whereby the development of the back-end of the website or webshop is also taken care of. Because these two parts are not always performed by the same person, separating both worlds is an option. You outsource the design to a designer and the development to a developer. If both parts are offered by one party, you can outsource the entire process.

In the concept phase it becomes clear what makes a design unique and strong. In addition, the foundation is laid for the rest of the project. Being ‘online’ with a generic website and standard design in a saturated market is not enough to distinguish yourself. A concept must be unique and strong and form a basis for the rest of the project. In the concept phase, the purpose of the design, among other things, is determined, the first functionalities become visible here. The idea for a website, webshop or web application is formed in this phase.

From the concept, like in remedial servicesseries of web design wireframes are always created. These are quite static, but experience shows that they are very useful. By making wireframes you get a good idea of ​​how the project works. In addition, all functionalities are on it, so that they can be run through again.

Graphic design

A graphic design revolves around two aspects, appearance and recognizability. The correct use of color and the chosen images bring the right ‘feeling’ into the design. Products are sold faster if they are presented well. Provide a tailor-made corporate identity and a web design that suits your wishes and needs. During the realization of the graphic design, take into account: the target group, the financial opportunity and current trends in the market.

See the graphic design as a process that arises from the requirements of the customer and your own train of thought. For example, it is possible to opt for an ‘onepage web design’, or a long page where only scrolling is required. Onepage design websites are well suited for one specific product or service.

Another popular option is, for example, to opt for a graphic design with a clear structure (grid). A well-chosen and designed web design grid emphasizes geometry, functionality and simplicity. Information is structured and made transparent through a correct division of areas. A grid offers the user guidance to quickly scan certain information or to read quietly. The (visual) communication is central to graphic design and web design. The visitor should get the idea that complicated information is visible in an organized way.

What is Web design?

Anyone who deals with the Internet and all its possibilities will sooner or later stumble upon the term “web design“. Web design plays an important role in building new web presences. Nevertheless, even existing websites can hardly do without a competent web designer. You can find out here why this is the way the web designer’s work is done and what he can earn annually.


Web design describes the conception, creation and design of internet presences. A successful web design combines the individual wishes of the customer with the existing technical possibilities.

What is important in web design?

Since web design has an enormous influence on the success or failure of an Internet presence, it is a crucial aspect for the website operator. In this way, the information to be determined must not only be optimally transported, but also make a positive contribution to the corporate identity. User-friendliness also plays a crucial role. In the end, the web design also decides how long a user spends on the respective website. It is equally important that the website can be accessed by the popular browsers and at the same time is displayed attractively on any device.

A good web design can therefore be recognized above all by a serious charisma and by a high information value. Furthermore, the design invites you to linger, awakens feelings and makes the curiosity to grow.

How successful a web design is can only be found out when it is already implemented. Key figures such as traffic, conversion rate and click-through rate are crucial here. If these values are very low, the web design should be subject to changes if necessary.

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How does a typical web design process work?

Before the technical execution of the web design is started, the web designer sits down with his customer. Together, a concept for the function and design of the later website is then developed. The following questions play a particularly important role:

  • What do you want to present on the website? (service, products, information, etc.)
  • Which style suits the services offered? (playful, discreet / minimalist, dynamic, etc.)
  • With which end devices does the target group access the website? (responsive or adaptive)

Once the concept has been fully developed, it is the implementation by means of programming. Using programming languages and HTML codes, the texts and buttons, as well as the advertisements, can then be implemented in the web design and placed in the right places on the website. Since the web designer is the one who knows the website best through his work, he can handle the operations even after the web design has been completed and in the event of errors, help to correct it.

After the page is set up, however, the web designer’s work goes even further. He now takes care of the SEO optimization of the website. This is necessary because there is already a market for most products and therefore also corresponding competing websites. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to use the right keywords (Google search terms) to direct the users to their own website or to that of the customer. If this is successful, the website also rises in Google’s ranking (high performance) and is again found and accessed by even more new potential customers.

Principles to Make Pest Control Site Superb

The goal of every company website should be to support your company in sales. A website today can be much more than just a digital business card. It is a marketing tool that can give your business a powerful boost.

A good pest control website is not based on any marketing method but on principles

pest control

You are probably aware of the importance of a corporate website these days. Every company has one, and if not, it practically doesn’t exist. The customers we struggle for every day also start their search for new manufacturers or service providers online.

With run-of-the-mill websites, it has been a long time since you could lure anyone behind the stove because the competition is just a click away.

The problem is, you know how important it would be to tackle your Beaverton Oregon pest control website. But there are always other issues that are more urgent. So you don’t have the time to think about how to get your website out of the friend zone and turn it into a Casanova that will storm the hearts of your customers.

The 4 aspects of a good pest control website

So let’s start at the bottom. Your website should have a balance between these 4 aspects:

  • Usability
  • Positive user experience
  • Appealing web design
  • Content with relevance and added value for the target group

To emphasize again: What is really important here is the balance of these 4 aspects. If, for example, the design predominates on your side, something like a vampire effect can arise.

Why a pest control website concept has the greatest success lever

According to the 4 aspects, your website should be based on a well-thought-out concept. Because a good concept gives you clarity about the following:

Website goals: What does the uniform alignment of your website look like and how can it be continuously measured and optimized.

Target group: Who are your customers and what needs do they have.

Points of contact: What touchpoints do you have with your target group and how can you optimize your website specifically for them.

Content: What is relevant content with a corresponding search volume (SEO)?

Website structure: What is the right structure for your website in order to get all content under one roof?

Web design: Which style should your web design adopt so that you stand out from your competitors?

What methods do you use to raise website trust?

Don’t visitors trust the security, sincerity and professionalism of your website? They’re going to go to other places quickly. A high bounce rate and a low conversion rate may indicate a lack of confidence among visitors. 

What methods do you use to raise website trust?

Social trust
Sometimes we copy the behavior of others, usually unconsciously. This is made clear once again in the researcher’s experiment. This researcher placed a man at a busy intersection, looking at a specific point in the sky. Approximately 20% of the passers-by looked up. When the researcher placed a few people at the intersection, the response increased to 80%.

We see a different kind of social trust in user testimonials and customer ratings. Positive reviews boost confidence in the brand. Also very powerful is the mention of popular brands that are customers or use a product. With so many world famous brands, confidence in the quality of their product is increasing.

A similar technique can increase trust in websites. Several sites show the number of social shares and / or comments at the top of an article. This can prompt visitors to read the article. Because with so many shares, the article must be good. This is a form of online herd behavior.

Watch the Video to Find Out the Best Way to Find Clients for Your Web Design Business

Professional appearance
Someone once said, “You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression.”. The look of a website may inspire confidence or drive a visitor away. Research has shown that visitors need only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion upon looking in the website. Therefore, your potential customers may be gone before they read your offer.

Good web design depends on two things: visitor expectations and visual complexity.

You probably think of an iPad-shaped device when you hear the word ‘tablet.’ That form is inextricably linked to the word. We’re expecting a tablet to look like this. This is known as “prototyping.”

Safety creates trust. There are security of the data. First of all, there are badges from, for example, Verisign or Norton. Each country also has a number of local labels, which must be trusted by the visitor. In addition, some retailers are using the ‘Official Dealer’ badge.

Real people
Enter any store, and you’ll see who’s running the business right away. This personal contact gives rise to trust. We often miss an element with online shops.

There are, however, several ways to make a web shop ‘more personal.’ This can be done, first and foremost, by clearly displaying the contact details. That creates trust, because it’s a sign that you don’t have anything to hide like ‘seo malaysia’ you can trust them for making your revenue increase by outranking your competitors.

Homepages and its importance on Information

Since the advent of the Internet about 10 years ago, our lives have changed dramatically. The homepage has become indispensable as a means of acquiring information such as news, study, communication, and video, and as a low-cost information transmission tool for companies, organizations, and individuals.

A world that has changed dramatically due to the spread of the Internet

In the last decade, the Internet has become an integral part of the business. We use the Internet to collect information in various situations, such as when looking up a company to visit a business or a company with a new transaction, when looking up during job hunting, when finding a new customer, when looking up the location of a meeting, and, etc.

It is said that the younger the age group, the stronger the tendency. In the past, corporate websites were thought to sell online, but now they are indispensable for promoting the existence of the company. As the high rate of opening homepages tells us, unlike leaflets and pamphlets, the Internet (homepage) can send a large amount of information at a low cost and is easy to modify and maintain.

You can also receive inquiries and measure the response (marketing). For business partner surveys, new purchases, visits, and recruitment activities, it has become common to first search on the Internet.

Homepage becomes even more important with the advent of iPhone and iPad

Furthermore, in recent years, the world of the Internet has greatly evolved due to the remarkable spread of smartphones and tablet terminals such as iPhones and iPads. Compared to conventional mobile phones, smartphones have a larger screen and higher resolution, so you can view your homepage in almost the same browser environment as a personal computer.

The homepage is the best way to tell people quickly and easily

People share and recommend some kind of information, the fastest and most convenient way is to use the “home page URL”. No matter how good the TV content you watched yesterday.

It’s difficult to introduce it to others unless you’ve recorded it, and if you want others to read your magazine or newspaper article, meet and hand it over Must be scanned and sent as an attachment. It’s even more troublesome for paper media, such as pamphlets, where photographs are the key point.

Whether it is possible or not will be decided based on the information on the homepage

In this way, we do not notice in various scenes of life when we teach information to others when we want others to understand, when we persuade our boss when we convey happy things and fun things. We are using the information on our homepage.

By referring to the “information on the homepage URL”, we are beginning to judge whether things are good or bad. This is very important, and if you see a music video on the front page of YouTube that you want on your phone, using a Youtube clip converter you can download it.

Building a Website with Web Design.

Find a new website to serve as the foundation for a new residence. It is preferable to build a house yourself if you are handy and have the time. You can also search for wild animals in your area, such as bats, and if you see one, contact ‘bat removal san antonio’ for assistance.

A new home’s dimensions should have been more accurate. If you hire a contractor, the house will most likely be finished much sooner, will be more physically complete, and will be much more efficient. The contractor has almost definitely considered important details that you were unaware of.

The same applies to a site. Building a house is a discipline in and of itself, as web design. Since the website serves as your online business card, most businesses would like to outsource web design.


Study the portfolio of your web design agency
We don’t write anything new when we say you should do enough research on the web design agency you want to work with. An important tool to form a good picture is the portfolio. Which websites has the agency in question built before and are there customers within your niche? Hopefully you will see common ground that are important for your new website. Or you may even find new inspiration.

Ask for a clear overview of costs
Check carefully which parts are actually included in the cost price. For example, additional functionalities can cost more money. It is important to have a clear overview of the costs so that you do not run into hidden costs. Setting up a webshop, for example, is more involved, such as building an ordering process.

Communicate, communicate, communicate
Dare to ask questions when technical terms unfamiliar to you fly by. The web agency will not be aware of everything that is going on in your field. Don’t assume that you are aligned from the very first moment. Examples, illustrations and action plans will be required from both sides. Start the conversation and talk to all decision makers. In other words, communicate!

Set realistic expectations
Websites are often tailor-made. A committed web designer will move heaven and earth to deliver what has been promised to you. Draw up a realistic deadline together to avoid disappointment in the event of delays. Ultimately, the most important thing is to build a website that is solid as a rock.

Plan your online marketing campaigns
Often people only think about building a website. However, keep in mind that the website is only part of your online marketing activities. A website alone will not generate new business if it is not found by the target audience. Discuss the findability of the website with your web design agency. Is the website built Google-friendly? Are product pages taken into account for any campaigns? Realize that it is more difficult to adjust the website afterwards, when you find out that the website does not match your online promotions very well.

Why Web Design is Important today?

Study The Field Of Web Design

What kind of work does a web designer do?

A web designer is responsible for designing a requested website. It is the role of the web designer to embody the website design that the client envisions. In Japan, it is a profession that is often defined as a human resource with web design skills, but overseas it is common to have not only web design skills but also programming, SEO (search engine optimization), and access analysis skills. It is a target. Therefore, there is a difference in annual income between Japanese and overseas web designers. There are no qualifications required to identify yourself as a web designer, but qualifications that can appeal to your skills and knowledge include the “Web Creator Ability Certification Exam”, “HTML5 Professional Certification Exam”, and “Web Design Skills Test”.

Career advancement to “Web Director” and “Web Producer”

Even if you have started your career as a web designer in the web industry, you can step up to become a ” web director ” who is in charge of the overall management of web production and a ” web producer ” who is in charge of web projects if you acquire the skills. No special qualifications are required to become a web director or web producer, but you have qualifications such as “Web certification Web director exam”, “Web analyst certification”, “Web creator ability certification exam”, and “Net marketing certification”. It is advantageous. It is a good idea to cultivate on-site skills such as sales ability, schedule management ability, and management ability of the entire team, and consider acquiring such qualifications.

For those who want to become a web designer

Web designers are in high demand, have a promising profession, and have a high degree of freedom in their work styles. Freelancers and housewives are active as web designers, and there are also web designers who work at home. This profession is suitable for those who want to work according to their lifestyle.

Tools needed for web production

If you want to learn web design and design your first website like convert MP3 Youtube>, you first need to set up a web production environment. Adobe’s graphic software “Photoshop” and “Illustrator” are indispensable for production. If anything, Photoshop is for websites and Illustrator is for printed matter, but I use different software depending on the situation. Let’s master both software. There are also useful tools other than graphic software. By using the examined the color of the Web site to easily “ColorPick Eyedropper”, an extension of Google Chrome, such as can check the display of a multi-device “User-Agent Switcher” (add-on), increase the work efficiency is possible.

About image materials (photos / illustrations)

The images used within a website affect the impression and mood of the website. Ideally, you should be able to take pictures and draw illustrations yourself, but if it is difficult to prepare images yourself due to time, cost, or skill constraints, use ” free material ” on the material site. Opportunities are also increasing. However, even if it is free material, the copyright is not necessarily abandoned. It is important to read the terms of use carefully before using them. As a web designer, get interested in copyright on a regular basis.

Learning From Educational Websites

Racoon population across the United States is growing. This means that increasingly more raccoons will be searching for shelter and food in residential and commercial areas. In their natural habitat, raccoons seek shelter in ground burrows, hollow trees, as well as in muskrat houses. However, as they lose their habitat, chimneys, crawlspaces, and attics are turning out to be a common place for them to live in. Raccoons are very clever animals, outstanding climbers as well as incredible problem solvers, which makes raccoon removal a challenging task for homeowners.

When getting rid of raccoons in your property, seek the services of a trained and licensed professional, such as Mobile raccoon removal services by AAAC Wildlife Removal, for instance. In doing so, you make certain that proper and humane raccoon removal and control are done. Part of the process of raccoon removal in the attic that they provide includes, setting bait and traps, removing food sources, sealing up possible entrances where racoons can go through, cleaning up their waste in the attic, replacing the insulation if required, as well as repairing any exterior and interior damage.

Importance of Educational Websites

When it comes to wildlife, there are a lot of things we don’t know. Providentially, as technology and the Internet is now available and accessible, the public can learn more about them as conservationist as well as other individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving wildlife provide the public with relevant information and spread awareness through a website.

Websites have the potential and is a good way to provide relevant and important information and awareness particularly in the world education. Educational websites are excellent sources of information about various topics and subject matter, including wildlife. Aside from offering learning resources, they too can present self-learning courses and more, and with the aid of effective and efficient web development solutions, it will be possible to create educational websites offering an array of possibilities. Here are some advantages of educational websites.

  • Facilitate full understanding of a subject matter by means of interactive learning approaches such as audios, videos and more.
  • Learn anywhere and anytime
  • Access to free learning content with regular updates
  • Quick assessments are offered by some educational websites to gauge learners understanding

Why Use Videos for your  Business Site

If you are a small business owner, you have probably heard the slogan “content is king” to characterize the significance of content advertising. And while written articles are effective for most viewers, visual promotion is a much more effective tool to improve connections and actions.

Forrester Research chooses the term “a picture is worth a million words” one step farther by incorporating a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Considering that 46% of individuals who view a movie advertising on a company site do it after seeing it, it is sensible to incorporate video in your marketing strategy. If you are interested in converting videos, check it out here to Save Youtube to mp4.

Here are six reasons why you need to use a movie on your business site:

Rank Better at Google

Among those variables behind Google’s algorithm for search positions are “dwell time,” or just how long people stay on your site. This might also be known as “long spans vs. clicks.” The notion is that if individuals are spending a great deal of time on your site, it has to have quality articles.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

In the modern digital world, an increasing number of people shop, work and communicate online. Although this is suitable, it usually means that we are not putting faces to names too frequently. Use video to link to your viewers with as near a face-to-face interaction as you can. Our feelings are that which we tend to inspire our decision and the actions we choose, so the usage of the audio and moving pictures appeal to our senses.

Give Video Testimonials

Credibility is a vital component for any company, whether or not you are a startup or an established manufacturer. A fantastic way to exude credibility is directly from the mouths of real men and women who’ve bought your service or product and are genuinely pleased with it.

Include Mobile Users

If you have ever tried reading a lengthy article on a comparatively small Smartphone display, you understand how slow-going it could be–on sites with responsive layout. Receiving identical advice via video may make the process easier for the average individual, particularly in this time of short attention spans.

Prove Your Merchandise

Sometimes your product takes a somewhat more comprehensive explanation, and a presentation video could be more perfect than a written description.  Now you know the significance of utilizing video on your small business site, remember you’ll want to upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and all of your social media platforms to capture as much exposure as you can. Be certain that you include clear titles and keyword-rich descriptions to assist them to get found and you will be well on your way to enhance involvement, click-through, and conversion prices.