Online Shop Web Design Trend In E-Commerce

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Online Shop Web Design Trend In E-Commerce

The design of an online shop plays an increasingly important role. It serves as a figurehead and gives the visitor a first impression of the company. It also has an impact on usability. This is an important factor for success and a good conversion rate.

Trend colours

Simplicity is king especially when you look at the colours of the current e-commerce platforms. Clear colours such as black and white are preferred in order to create real contrasts. In addition, one or two corporate design colours usually ensure that the company is recognized. Corporate design is the entire, uniform appearance of a company.

The typography

The typography is also kept clean in most web shops. The texts, such as product descriptions, should be easy to read and not distract from the real thing which is the product. This is achieved with timeless and sans serif standard fonts such as Helvetica or Arial. The colour black is also often used.

Big pictures

The selection of the right images plays a major role in an online shop. Some shop operators such as Earth Sense rely on large, emotional images and clear imagery, especially on the home page and in special campaigns. The motto here is; the bigger the better. When presenting the products like wood stove parts, care should also be taken to present them in the best possible light.

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B2B shops are also attaching more and more importance to web design

Not only B2C online shops are constantly developing in terms of design. The B2B business has also understood the importance of a convincing e-commerce platform. Because what also counts for business customers is that the eye also buys. More and more B2B shops are orienting themselves towards B2C online shops and are now increasingly relying on clean navigation and emotional images. It is a step in the right direction.

After all, buyers from the B2B sector are also privately active in B2C and are used to the navigation and design of B2C online shops. Shop operators from the B2B sector can use the findings from B2C to present their products in the best possible way, stand out from the competition and thus increase sales.