Changes In Google Affects Current Web Design

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Changes In Google Affects Current Web Design

Google has not been idle in search terms last year. Various updates have caused Google to change from a ‘search’ to a ‘find’ platform. In this way, they show immediate answers to the question. They use the featured snippet. In addition, Google shows you the ‘people also ask’ box to let you as a user find what you are looking for even better.

Google has not only added new functionalities but has also experimented with the design of the search results page last year.

BERT, The Latest Google Update

The latest update, called BERT, will ensure that Google understands texts even faster. The time of filling pages with unreadable texts to ensure a higher ranking is now really over.

The most visible change of last year for webshops is the removal of an enormous number of ‘assessment stars’. Google has indicated that it will only show stars that belong to the relevant product reviews. General stars on the homepage are no longer shown. A big loss for review companies.

The coming year will mainly be about optimizing the rich snippets. Google users are increasingly getting used to the fact that all information is already displayed in the search results. In addition, it is more likely that your webshop will be displayed in the featured snippet box.

The stars will also gradually come back. There must be an even greater focus of e-commerce on assessing the product instead of the company. Keep in mind that consumers now respond less to general review requests.

For example, ensure that customers can go directly to the product page from the mail to leave a review there. Or make sure that the review is given directly in the mailing.

There are many more factors making an impact on how web design works. Make sure to catch them all to make your web design work with your target market.