How to Make a Passive Income as a Web Designer

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How to Make a Passive Income as a Web Designer

If you’re a web designer and have clients who were satisfied with the work you have done but never to be heard of again, your losing great opportunities and cash. The worst part is, it’s the most valuable type of income, passive income. Building a website is the first step in building your online presence. The real work takes place afterwards. For some reason many web designers are choosing not to get involved in this valuable work.

Making real passive income with your web design business is possible. You do not have to use shady business tactics or sales gimmicks to get it. This can also give your clients a ton of opportunity from it. It is a true win for everyone involved.

Here’s a way to make passive income from your web design business, Website Hosting, most of this options are not 100% passive. It requires a little bit of work to maintain. When your finished building a website of your client, why would you pass them off to some other web hosting company when you can keep your client in-house. You can give them a superb quality web site hosting they deserve. This doesn’t mean you need to build your website servers or networks; you can list them from hosting company that has already done the heavy listing. Your job is will be to manage and maintain your client’s website on those list servers.  

Steps to make passive income out of website hosting:

1. Choose your website builder. (If you haven’t already)

2. Setup your hosting plan with that website builder. This varies depending on the builder you choose, but all will have instructions on how to do so, unless you’re going full custom with WordPress)

3. Sign up with an invoicing platform that offers automated monthly invoicing.

4. sign up with a payment processor that allows automated monthly payment processing via credit card.

5. Decide what features, you’d like to include in your hosting plan.

6. Choose the pricing for hosting plans.

7. Sell your hosting plans to each client you build a website for.

8. Bask in your passive income profits.