Learn Web Development With These Best YouTube channels

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Learn Web Development With These Best YouTube channels

Getting started programming and understanding the concepts is no small challenge. Luckily, the internet offers tons of tutorials (from web design to web development) in many forms. These Youtube channels will teach you web development. Download and convert these tutorials through the best Youtube clip converter here.

Nowadays the internet gives us endless opportunities to learn something new. While a visit to the library used to be indispensable, today we learn with tutorials on the Internet: often text-based, but also in video form. The latter is often more attractive for many and is also free on portals such as YouTube.

7 Best Web Development Tutorials For Beginners

We’ll show you the best Youtube channels if you want to get into web development.


If you want to deal with PHP, you should take a look at the Codecourse channel. His repertoire ranges from PHP beginners’ videos to projects with PHP frameworks. In some videos, he also introduces the features of new PHP versions.

Coder’s Guide

Neil Rowe runs the small developer channel Coder’s Guide. Here you will find many videos about Bootstrap, WordPress, and more. Responsive design is also the topic in one of his playlists. He makes a little excursion with the Ratchet framework, which you can use to develop mobile iOS and Android apps with web technologies.

Coder Coder

Kite’s YouTube videos are exceptional. Her most popular tutorial is “Learn web development as an absolute beginner”. You can learn tons from her Channel from HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a lot more.


Dev-Tips offers basic videos about HTML and CSS, but also about React. In addition to basic videos, the Dev-Tips channel also tries its hand at cross-video projects such as querying data from the Spotify API or creating a mobile-first landing page. offers a relatively wide range of different topics from the field of web development. In addition to the well-sorted playlists, the channel operator also maintains a Git repository with all the code sections from his tutorials. A video for beginners for the machine learning framework Tensorflow has recently been released.


The YouTube channel Level-Up-Tuts deals with the common languages ​​HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as various content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal. The Electron framework is new, with which web technologies can be used to develop desktop apps.


Learn-Web-Code is a bit smaller and not quite as active as the previous channels. In addition to the free YouTube videos, the web developer Brad Schiff also offers video courses on WordPress, Git, HTML, and CSS on Udemy, all of which are very popular. Unfortunately, no new video has been uploaded for half a year now.